My new blog: My Journey to Attachment

Abuse mangles up your compass, tells you south is north. But God’s words, His stories, they teach me His intentions for men and woman and children, His word teaches me about love and what it is for. As I swing around to true north, it is His words which tell me where true north is. Im not sure I know where true north is yet, but His words have put up a big banner over the exact spot and so as long as I trust Him, then I can stay at that spot, even if my own compass takes a while to be fixed. – from my new blog: My Journey to Attachment

3 responses to “My new blog: My Journey to Attachment

  1. Hi Mark, thanks for putting yourself out there.. There were also various incidents in my own life of feeling ‘not loved’. That was my perception growing up, and influenced so many decisions, responses, attitudes, etc
    And I thank God for helping me too, to wash that dirty laundry, for healing that only He can bring about, and the Peace that His Presence brings.
    God’s Love, mercy and grace be multiplied to you! 🙂

  2. Hey Mark. Read all you posts this morning. Your life story is the life story of so many and so verbalising and putting it out there will have a huge impact. Thanks. I can remember as a teen seeing Ballade vir n enkeling (ballad of a loner)and seeing myself in the main character. Its amazing how God is able to bring such complete wholeness and healing. Through it all you are an amazing Dad.
    Blessings Paul.

    • Hi Paul, thank you so much for commenting. I really appreciate it. Yes it’s very sad IMO that so many children are alone. And not just children, but adults too. But yes the good news is that He is able to heal and willing to heal. But He works through people usually… and the workers are few. Pray that He raises up workers 🙂

      Please keep leaving comments ON THE ACTUAL BLOG ITSELF 🙂

      God bless you,

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