The beast that I saw in a vision (financial crisis)

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I had a picture earlier today.

G20 Los Cabos, Mexico

It was a picture of leaders (representing some countries) who initially fed this animal (which looked like a small muscular tough dog) and they fed it raw meat. They encouraged each other to grow this animal (called “the market”) and so they fed it raw meat. And the animal grew and grew and they marvelled and were so excited by their project.

But one day they did not feed the beast (AKA “the market”) enough meat and it attacked one of the leaders (countries). Alarmed, they panicked and to save themselves they cried to each other “feed it more meat!” and so it got fed and continued to grow.

But it was ravenous, and they could not find enough raw meat, and the beast began to tear at and eat one of the leaders! Some of the leaders nearest to that one being attacked panicked. But some of the other leaders still continued feeding the animal from their own supply of raw meat.

That was where the vision ended.

The implication should be utterly clear. The outcome is that one of the leaders (who represent countries) will be mauled and killed (not the actual people, this is only figurative speech), and then the next and the next, each time getting stronger as it feeds.

This beast called “the market” has been built up and it is very strong, too strong and wild for any of the countries which created it. This beast is not loyal, it is not moral, it knows no limits and it is hungry for raw meat.

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