Looking back… from the future to now

I’m proud to say that I think we are arriving at a new step along our development as human beings.

A few steps back we had child slavery, now we are shocked anyone tolerated that.

A few steps back a woman could not buy things, her husband had to sign for it.

A few steps back people hunted other people of colour on horseback, now we cannot imagine how they though that was ok?!

A few steps back people tolerated what we now cannot imagine tolerating at all… we hear stories and exclaim “how could they do that?”

And we are at one of those moments where the world’s thinking has already stepped forward.

It is not ok that people go hungry as if they are unimportant. It’s not ok that the very very rich people and companies can conspire to pay little or sometimes no tax. It’s not ok that human beings are seen as economic resources to be used, instead of treasured and valued. It’s not ok that greed is the driving force in this world, instead of love for one another.

I think we are in a time of change where future generations will look back on our wars, carnage, drug use, extreme violence, abortion, crime statistics, faithlessness, immorality and adulation of greed, and they will see us as a freak show, they will wonder why we tolerated such evil for so long.

We already know this is not ok and more and more people are appalled at the fact that some think it is ok.

NOTE: I know that child slavery and these other crimes still exist in our world. My point is not that we have eradicated evil, it’s that we know it is evil and are working to eradicate it.

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