Australia Drought – you just HAVE to read this!

Have you read about God’s prophecy through me way back in 2008 about the drought being broken in Australia? Or His words that the Murray Darling would flow again? If you haven’t then you can

  1. read this single page summary, or
  2. read the whole thread of all posts covering many years of intercession, or
  3. you can grab the MS Word DOC version of all of the posts over the years. OR.
  4. If you are really short of time, sit back and watch this animated gif as the brown bits (drought) are gradually washed away by the rain that God prophesied which would come.

But that’s not what’s new in this post.

God prophesied through a well known Australian prophetic man that He would use ONE MAN to break this drought. How about that? I was that ONE MAN. Can you imagine what a mind blowing thought that is?

Here is a link to Robert Holme’s Storm Harvest prophecy in text format which was written in 2005 and 2007. God’s words to me began in 2007 and then in 2008 and onwards.

God said through Robert

14th of May, 2005

When the rains come, it will rain and rain and rain, for many months it will pour until people cry out “Please stop the rain!” The ground will be water logged, and the creeks will overflow their banks, out back towns will be under water and the news cameras, which once visited towns that shipped water in by truck, will be watching water cover houses.

6th of June 2007
During prayer at the Apostolic Summit, in Rockhampton, QLD the spirit of the Lord provoked me with this question, “Robert, what would it look like if I gave authority to just one man, to bring and then to break a drought? I did so in the days of Elijah. I can find just one person to turn the tide in these events.

10th July 2007
During prayer at a retreat in the Gold Coast, QLD the following word came to me in a kind of poetry:

“Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain.
I hear the sound of rushing, mighty waters.
Floods, gentle floods, ancient river beds flowing.
Deserts blooming, red rock pouring, salt lakes filling.

“Icebergs floating, ice sheets melting, snow capped ranges dripping down.
Glaciers receding, islands drowning, storm clouds brewing, lightning flashing.”

You can read Robert’s page to see his interpretation. You can also read his follow up post which he wrote when he saw the fulfillment – that the rain had begun to come.

He also published a very cool YouTube video of his prophecy

What does this mean to you?

The thing I would like you to consider is this… what situation can you see which God is asking you to have an impact on? What is the limit of your faith? What are you willing to pray over – as I did – three times a day, declaring the truth of Jesus Christ hundreds of times, over each affected area… there were more than a hundred of them… naming them by name, declaring and declaring and winning the spiritual battle for each individual area.

God did it with Isaiah. God did it with me and I didn’t even know that God had said anything to anyone. I didn’t even know the true scale of the adventure. I certainly didn’t know the cost it would bring to me either. But I co-operated and He did it through me.

And He wants to do these things through YOU too. Im not trying to bring attention to myself, Im trying to say this… LOOK at what a bad state I was in at that time, LOOK at how little I understood, LOOK at how useless I was… and LOOK at what Jesus Christ did when He used me.

And now just think… what does He want to change… through you?

What is the purpose of our intercession?

Let me quote someone

“When we begin to pray for God’s Will and God’s Kingdom we are standing on behalf of the entire Church as overcomers. We are doing two things. On the positive side, we are joining together with God and agreeing with Him, praying in line with His eternal purpose in Christ. “As in heaven, so on earth.” On the negative side, we are asking for the elimination of this present evil age, this rebellious generation, and all that fails to give Christ the preeminence – both within the Church and outside of the Church.” – Chip Brogden


“This [praying for the Will and the Kingdom] is not a frivolous thing. It is calling for a revolution in the way things are. It is commanding all that IS to make room for all that IS TO COME. It is calling for the end of all things pertaining to man, this present world, and the defeated devil. “Thy Kingdom come.” In this Kingdom Christ alone has authority and power. Think of the implications. For this to be realized it will mean either the elimination or the subjection of every earthly government to Jesus Christ. It will mean the eradication of every religious institution, denomination, movement, group, cult, false religion, doctrine – anything which fails to give the Son the pre-eminence, and certainly those things which misrepresent, malign, distort, or bear false witness to the Lord Jesus. It will also mean the abolition of everything pertaining to the kingdom of darkness, every principality, power, and eventually, satan himself. The souls of men that refuse to submit to Christ must also be judged and dealt with once and for all. The Creation which groans and travails in pain must be purified by fire, liberated, and recreated again. We are talking about a major upheaval. – Chip Brogden

What does this mean to me?

It means that He used me. He gave me scriptures to speak, and I spoke them. Then after a while He said to sit back and He spoke words Himself and I watched. The water that got dumped when I was praying was amazing. But when He spoke, the water was incredible. All of my hard work was nothing when compared to His declaration. It was He Who made the ancient rivers run. He made the Lake reappear. The Murray River DID run again, but it happened 1.5 years after I left Australia. It was all Him. He did it.

And that’s what I have to comprehend and get deep down inside of me. He used me once and He is using me now, again. What He said back then seemed impossible and it happened. And what He says now seems impossible, but it’s happening now too.

I must keep praying. I must keep my eyes on Him. I had such excitement and joy to meet those Australian farmers and to stay on one of their farms for a few days just before leaving. It was incredible to hear their joy at not losing their farm. I’ve had such joy in seeing this fulfilment.

I know that I must stay the course. Peace will come to this world. Revival will come to this world. And I will experience such joy when I see that happening.

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  1. James 5:16: “The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful.” Amen! Glad to see you posting again.

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