Prophetic art + word for my life: Calling All Nations

I don’t get many words for my life these days… but a few weeks ago I was at a meeting and a prophetic artist (who I trust and respect is accurate) drew something. She always does this at the meetings.

During the meeting I heard God say “I have a lot to say to you” and I wrestled with the meaning of the words I had heard, and then I went to the leader and said the words, he said he was not in charge of this portion of the meeting, so I went to the correct person and told him the words God had said to me. He opened the mike to see if God wanted to say something… but aside from two words it wasn’t the powerful flood that I was expecting.

I sat down and wondered. And then a bit later the artist came up and she said that she had just finished the prophetic painting and she said this one was unusual because she usually knows who it is for and she didn’t know this time. She then said “God has a told to say to you” and she began to say it was for a person who was both a missionary AND an intercessor… and if you are reading this blog you will know that at this time in my life I am an “intercessory missionary”.

So first chance I got, I signalled her to indicate that the painting was mine. And then when I went to see it, this was what it looked like 🙂

She said God had this to say to me…

Calling All Nations

God said, “This is for someone who is called to the nations.”

I saw this person is a missionary but also an intercessor. This confused me because I associate missionaries with travellers and intercessors with permanent positioning.

Heart – is the love that you have for the nations that drives this tidal wave and the love God has for you that enables your love. It is the forces behind the tidal wave.

Blue wall – is a tidal wave of change and breakthrough in pressing in for revival that is moving towards a hurricane/whirlwind of holy chaos.

Gold people – dancing and skipping their way to the holy chaos. They are attracted to it. They are willingly going towards the chaos because it is Gods chaos. You have a gift for seeing the gold in people, the Jesus in them. That is why they are the same colour as the golden cross!

Whirlwind – holy chaos, attracting people and angels and nations. Blue into white, is a move towards heaven, but in heavens PUREST form – Hence the white.

Ribbons of colour – are nations coming towards the chaos, but also the voices of angels singing with you as you intercede and press in.

Green sky – is a symbol of the heavenly realm, particularly in intercessory field. That is how I knew it was for an intercessor. God often uses green to depict intercession in my paintings.


– Green = the arrival of this prophecy is founded on intercession.
– Purple = the authority you have in bringing this prophecy into fruition. You are placed as royalty; your sonship of the King gives you this authority.
– Pink = the love for the nations and an alignment with God in HIS love for the nations. A high understanding of this, and great revelation on Heavens activities over different nations.

How about that huh?


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