3 major war zones left… as per God’s prophecy!

This is in accordance with the prophecy God gave me some time in 2008… I felt God was saying this point had been reached:

“Now will I arise,” says the LORD. “Now will I be exalted; now will I be lifted up. – Is 33:10

Then in 2009 I blogged that I believed that God was making two prophetic claims:

  1. There would be peace everywhere
  2. There will be revival everywhere (the Holy Spirit being poured out)

8… 5… 3

On 12 April 2010 I noticed that the number of major countries at war was down to 8… so I blogged it. And then there were 8! (Peace everywhere prophecy)

By Oct 2012 I noticed it was down to 5. So I blogged it. Peace Everywhere update – 5 left – 17 October 2012

And now the war in Mali appears to have been resolved: Mali rebels, government agree to national unity – Dec 05, 2012 so there are 4!!

The Islamist Ansar Dine government and the Tuareg MNLA agreed “on the respect for Mali’s national unity and territorial integrity,” and “on the rejection of any form of extremism and terrorism,” they said in a statement.Compaore brought together a delegation from the Malian government with representatives of Ansar Dine (Defenders of the Faith), one of the Al-Qaeda-linked Islamist groups occupying the north, and the Azawad National Liberation Movement (MNLA), which is fighting for an independent homeland for the Tuareg people.

So now… 1 less major conflict (the dark brown) area…

Ongoing conflicts around the world 9 Dec 2012


That map (Wikipedia: List of ongoing military conflicts) is a bit misleading for OUR purposes. What that map shows is the number of wars that have certain numbers of people killed over the last year (1,000+ deaths per year).

Some war zones have those numbers but are now either at peace or are negotiating and so the violence is drastically down… for example the areas of Colombia, Somalia and Sudan are no longer “major” conflict areas and the map above will take some time to reflect that change.

The remaining major conflict zones

So we are down to Mexico, Syria (which appears to be ending) and Afghanistan/Pakistan which is really one theater.  So in fact it’s down to 3!

As a result of the changing conditions the US issued this statement: US war on al Qaeda will not be indefinite -Pentagon lawyer – Fri, 30 Nov 2012 Reuters

The U.S. military campaign against al Qaeda should not be seen as a conflict without end, the Pentagon’s chief lawyer said on Friday in a speech that broached a rarely discussed subject among U.S. officials.

And peace in NY for 1 day too!

Violent crime takes a holiday in New York City (a city of 8 million people) – Nov 28, 2012

New York City passed a day without a single report of a person being shot, stabbed or subject to other sorts of violent crime for the first time in recent memory, police said on Wednesday.

… murder is down 23 percent over last year, the NYPD said.

As for a day without violent crime, experts said they could not recall that happening in recent memory. “In a city of 8 million people, this is extremely rare,” said Tom Repetto, author of ‘American Police, 1949-2012.’

Revival is on it’s way!

So now that we can see one part of God’s words coming to pass… the part about an end to wars… we will also be seeing an increased outpouring of the Holy Spirit… revival everywhere, worldwide!!

Pls note that Im not saying the financial crisis will be resolved. And Im also not saying we will avoid going through tough times or crisis. I am sure that very very tough times are ahead. But when you see these things happening, be sure that there IS a God and His Name is Jesus Christ… and come and help build a place for Him.

Will you join me in prayer?

Would you like to intercede for peace in the world? All you need to do is get a map of the area you want to pray for and get this list of scriptures (or download the MS Word version) and speak each scripture out over the area you are praying for. It’s as easy as that.  Believe what scripture says about what Jesus Christ did on the cross. Your tongue is a sword.