2013… the things we can do right, if we choose to

It’s tough being an optimist and a realist all rolled into one person… but hey, thats me!  🙂


I dont only read the newspapers… I also read the signs, read the bible, I pray, I talk to people from all around the world. All of that makes me a realist. I try to find the truth and live with it.

But. Im also an optimist… and my optimism DOES NOT come from the nature of this world, or from the church or its leadership, nor does it come from political leadership, nor from my own experience of my own ongoing fallenness or the fallenness of people around me.

Those things are what makes me a realist… that I live in a fallen world which is filled with fallen people – just like I am fallen.


My optimism comes from the things I hear (and have consistently heard) the Holy Spirit saying. It’s not just His promises, but His nature that gives me hope. It’s not just His promises and His nature, but it’s what Jesus Christ did on the cross. God keeps showing me deeper and deeper revelation of Jesus Christ and it boggles my mind at His choices. All of this creates optimism in me.

Sacrificing ourselves for one another

Have you thought about this… that of all the major world religions the only leader who died at the hands of His abusers was Jesus Christ? And in John 12 He said “this is the purpose”

27 “Now my soul is troubled, and what shall I say? ‘Father, save me from this hour’? No, it was for this very reason I came to this hour. – John  12:27

And He said we are to follow His example… to live and die as He did… in practical love for other people.

In my daily life I literally reach out to people who lie to me and steal from my house while Im helping them. I invite people to come to my house because the bible says to bring the homeless into your house… so I do, and sometimes they repay me by stealing from me. That sucks. But it’s real. And its discouraging. But we need to keep helping and not lose faith, not become cynical, keep loving one another in a healthy way… or as healthy as we can, given our past and our current emotional ability.

Servant leadership

Jesus Christ did not die for people because He had low self esteem. He did not kneel down before people because He thought He was worthless or less than them.

On the contrary, He knew Who He was, He knew His authority over everything, He knew where He had come from was glorious and where He was going was glorious…

[That] Jesus, knowing (fully aware) that the Father had put everything into His hands, and that He had come from God and was [now] returning to God, 

and from THAT position of high self esteem… He knelt down in front of His disciples…

Got up from supper, took off His garments, and taking a [servant’s] towel, He fastened it around His waist. Then He poured water into the washbasin and began to wash the disciples’ feet and to wipe them with the [servant’s] towel with which He was girded. – John 13:3-5

This image comes to mind… although Jesus Christ is seated far above all the world leaders, I believe He would still serve them in humility, if they will just come to Him and seek His leadership and protection…

jesus washing feet world leaders

So what can we do right in 2013?

Recently, every year it seems that governments descend more and more into a moral hole from which they not only cannot get out from, but they do not seem to want to get out from.

I’ve been watching since 2001 when I saw those planes fly into those towers. Like all of you I will never forget that moment. I know exactly where I was, on a dance floor in a nightclub on the Golden Coast in Australia, and the man who called me and said I should come see this, and the feeling of dread as I watched and saw the world change.

Ive been writing and counselling and speaking since 2007 and asking leadership to please wake up and change and not progress further in the wrong direction, but to no avail. So I am writing this post to make 100% sure that no one can ever say that I was for what is now happening.

I don’t want anyone to use my name or what I’ve written on this blog as support for their plans.

Where I suggested that governments take responsibility and behave more like “good parents”, I should have emphasized the word “good” more and perhaps I should have expounded what a healthy home looks like.

This is what a BAD home looks like… its a home where the children are not encouraged, or where they are controlled, or oppressed, or where they have no freedom and their privacy is invaded… this kind of parenting results in co-dependent and dysfunctional children.

That was NOT the kind of parenting I was suggesting! Let me be specific…

  • I asked for transparency and freedom, not secrecy, not rebellion, not an end to rule of law.
  • I asked for Godly leadership but we got gay marriage and interfaith leadership.
  • I asked for a greater focus on startups and encouraging growth, instead we have a massive decline in startups and vast debt being accumulated – and to no avail, because as in 2008 the problem cannot be solve by Bernanke. He didnt solve it then and he cant solve it now.
  • I asked for truth and the reason I asked for that is because democracy – voters – needs access to the raw data in order to make good decisions… instead we have seen coups and questionable election results in many first world countries and less and less truth in the media and clampdowns on freedom via the internet.

All of this – and others – are going in the WRONG direction.

I wrote a strongly worded warning in April 2012: A warning on government leadership, accountability and transparency. Since then Ive seen legislation passed again and again, and locally in this country legislation has been proposed – much of which goes in entirely the WRONG direction.


If you think that I am saying the government is not needed, then you are mistaken.

According to the bible there are multiple players in the world and all have their responsibilities.

Parents have responsibilities, for example to each other, to other people, to the poor, towards their children, towards God and to society. Children have responsibilities towards parents.

Churches have responsibilities to government, society and attendees. Many, or almost all, fail HORRIFICALLY in their responsibility toward government when they fail to speak out on social issues, justice, the need for righteousness leadership. The desire for churches and church leadership to collect tithes and to have support and favor from politicians and civic leaders is a crippling blow to their ability to fulfill their God ordained role in society – in all countries around the world where I have lived or visited… and that is 27 countries so far.

Ive heard church leaders say that God does not judge, that judgement is not occurring and that loving gay relationships are ok. Have these church leaders not read the bible?

But even these reel from wine and stagger from strong drink: the priest and the prophet reel from strong drink; they are confused from wine, they stagger and are gone astray through strong drink; they err in vision, they stumble when pronouncing judgment. For all the tables are full of filthy vomit, so that there is no place that is clean. – Is 28:7-8

Political leadership also has its responsibility, towards God… and I don’t mean the interfaith worship of some syncretistic “supreme being” or “grand architect of the universe” mashup of gods.

When I write about “God” I mean the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac, the One Who came in the form of man – Jesus Christ – and died to set us free from sin and death. There is NO OTHER Name by which we can be saved. Don’t be confused about this issue at all… there is NO OTHER NAME by which we can be saved.

We live in a over-simplified bi-polar world

BUT, perhaps because of the prevalence of democracy, we have gradually filtered all the responsibility down to just two extreme choices: libertarianism and state control.

If that is the current state – Im not saying it’s right, just that it is currently how things are – then I see it in this way… and our current goal is to find a balance in the middle…


In revival things will be different

FWIW when we are deeply into worldwide revival I suspect the ideal situation will be leaning far more towards the left, (where Libertarianism now is). The reason is that God gave us free will (with the understanding that there are consequences… the consequence of sin is death, not just for ourselves but also for those around us and for our children). So we should return to a state of free will.

Why cant we return to radical free will right now? Well… simply LOOK AROUND YOU to see what people are doing with their free will. satanism, witchcraft, sexual abuse, drug use, human trafficking, greed, violence, wars and countless other kinds of evil are occuring with just a form of free will… now imagine what our fallen nature would do if we returned to radical freedom?

It is my expectation that during revival the spectre of hatred and death and school shootings and terror attacks will all recede SO DRAMATICALLY that it may even be unfamiliar to future generations. We will tell them about the sicknesses that we experienced daily and they won’t relate to it and they may even doubt it was ever like this for us.

Under that revived condition we can return to the radical freedom that God gave us in the Garden of Eden… because in that revived state our hearts with be soft towards one another and we won’t gather greed and the power of death (through the use of the occult) because with our softened hearts we will understand our role and responsibilities towards one another.

And for here and now…

But that is in future… a rapidly nearing future… but for now, here we are. The current libertarian left is not rabidly pro-Jesus Christ and pro-revival, they currently seems to be “me me me” oriented, a desire to live in freedom and without taking any responsibilities which are expected of them. (I hope I’m wrong.)

So… for right now the game in this world is all about acquiring security through having power over everything. It’s a desire to be “the last man standing” when all the plates fall, or when all the resources run out.

In this mad rush to survive there are several potential power bases such as businesses, banks, militaries, technology, security apparatus, etc… and (one of) the organizations who can best muster all of those the best is “the state”. See: Only the Paranoid Survive: Andrew Grove

BUT what Andrew Grove didnt foresee when he unleashed the genie in that bottle, is that when the people who staff “the state” are filled with paranoia and fear… then “the state” forgets who it is and it becomes a threat to its own population.

A state or government must never forget it was placed there by God. It has a God-given responsibility. Fear and paranoia and the desire to survive are powerful forces and should not be under-estimated. They have the potential to create a false and unnatural situation in which the state is no longer an expression of the people.

The state then becomes a disconnected entity that exists in order to protect itself. It is no longer an expression of the people… it’s as if an artist makes a painting, and then the painting comes alive and protects itself and will not let the artist continue painting.

So what now?

So I began writing on this blog in 2007. I wrote and published my very private journals on this blog. My purpose was to warn that we are going in the wrong direction

This is another post in that vein, to call people – individually and collectively – back to the leadership of Jesus Christ. He gave Himself in service for us. He proved His love for us. He proved His character on the cross. He helped us in 2008 and He stands ready to help us again.

But in 2008 we took what was IN His hand, without taking hold of His hand. This time we must take hold of His hand in order to get what is IN His hand.