A New Beginning (prophetic art for sale)

Name: A New Beginning

Date: It was painted during a week from 16 Jan 2013 to 24 Jan 2013

Interesting methods used: Acrylic on mounted canvas, with shimmer acrylic, and a foundation which created raised edges underneath the paint.

Price: US$1,250

The back story…

Although this art is for sale, this is a prophetic word for my life as well as for other people’s lives.

16 Jan 2013

I have been seeing images of a rectangular piece of canvas, so I bought that mounted canvas today. Ive never bought or lwned or used a mounted canvas before. Then I began to see a foundation, something ridged, arced, placed off center to the right. I have never known you can paint ridges, onto or into which you can later paint the acrylic. When the shop assistant explained what that white goop is for then I knew I had found what I was seeing. I kept seeing the raised arc tonight and so I drew it. Now there is white goop on white canvas. I made it thick, because I keep seeing shades of bkue like in a sea being draw into the arc. Perhaps the arc is a wave.

As I drew it, I asked God what the foundational scripture is. I got no answer, but Ps 121.8 stands out for me

“The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forever more”. – Ps 121:8

17 Jan 2013

The title of this piece is A New Beginning. I could see a second wave, higher and more vertical so I drew that. I knew the main colour will be blue and so I painted that across the top two thirds of the canvas.

What had oncd looked like the profile of a lion looking to the left, now looked like an eagle profile, also looking left. Late in the evening it looked like two choices, new beginnings, one higher than the other. I wondered if the paths were bursting out of somewhere, but I didnt see that.

18 Jan 2013

Today I could see a dark spot, was it an eye in the eagle? The eagle looks very strong. I drew the dark spot. And then saw white lines, just a few of then. I drew them. Logic told me these were the eagles feathers, but I didnt see that. Then when I stood back it looked like a figure, both hands raised in praise and joy, and the dark blue spot was the figure’s head.

To me I can see the eagle, strong and resolute, and the worshipping figure at the same time. I think both are necessary in this world. The eagle gives the strength and cover for the figure to praise, worship and dance freely and safely.

I dont yet know what the whole message is and what is across the bottom. The image at the top right works well because it is raised up and textured. It looks like a strong eagle and yet I still see the joy of a figure with arms raised up.

24 Jan 2013

Over the past few days I still only painted as I felt led. I first saw green glitter in the eagle’s plumage, but again I also see that as the worship the figure may be giving.

Right after putting in the green I saw a glint of red in the dark spot – the eagles eye – and when I put that in, I knew it was an eagle, a strong, protective, watching eagle.

I wondered about the bottom part. What were those two textured, raised curves? I saw yello across the bottom, so I drew it. Over the course of today I felt to add more and more touches, rounding off, smoothing.

The final result is this


The title is “A New Beginning” and its foundational scripture is

Ps 121.8 “The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forever more”.


This is a call to people and especially to nations to take shelter under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, which is the Eagle.

The spiritual darkness in the supernatural, as shown by the darness in the air and on the ground, is held back by the steady and protective gaze of the Eagle who stands guard over those who choose to take shelter under His authority.

It has been a joy to explore Gods heart and to see His message unfold. This is a very important message at a critical time.

This is the first prophetic painting that I have done. It is for sale for US1,250 and whoevere pudchases the painting does NOT purchase the rights to make copies of any kind.