Something new… prophetic art!


As I set up the easil I heard “A New Beginning”. that might be the name for this post, rather than the name of this first piece of prophetic art which Im prayerfully going to conceive.

I say “first” because there will be many of them over time. I plan to number them and keep a public record of my journey as I capture them onto canvas.

Whoever buys any piece is someone who has read the story behind their piece and has gained hope from it. The buyer feels that God is speaking directly to them through the piece and their life is impacted as a result of the art.

Each piece will come with its own background story with pictures and an explanation of my journey in bringing this piece together from God for that person. i will be birthing hope and faith and love for someone in their journey through this world.

Unlike most other art where you decide what it means to you, this art will have a message from God to you. My feeling is it will be extremely personal experience.

I hope that each piece will have a foundational scripture or a biblical theme. but as I become better at sensing Gods heart fir something, say for example couples, then I will be able to put His heart into canvas.

This art can only be done as I receive it from the Holy Spirit. It wont be a rush job. The more I pray and worship, the deeper a sense I will have of Gods heart, which I can then express through the painting.

I have absolutely no art training and very little experience in art – except for as a young boy in junior school – and therefore if these pieces of art touch anyone it mus be Gods inspiration and not my sophisticated art training.

Im stepping out in faith, trusting God to speak through me. Lord use me as Your vessel of hope to a suffering world. Speak through me please.

The prophetic paintings are for sale.

4 responses to “Something new… prophetic art!

  1. Hi Mark, I really like this letter! I had a dream a few years ago where everyone had a new bible, and I saw that it was filled entirely with blank white pages… (by the way, I had woken up before the dream because I felt a strong presence in the room, and looked up and there was a distinctive sheer red cloud in the room hovering in the corner) I never completely understood why the cloud was red… blood, from the pain of this world being washed clean in the waters of the cloud? Rebirth? But, that was the colour and that was the dream, which I interpreted much like your canvas, With God, and thru His/Her Son, we all have a fresh start and we can write our own book, on pure clean pages. Lots of love and blessings and of course, Divine Inspiration! Kyla Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 19:36:49 +0000 To:

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