The Mighty River of God and Characteristics of Revival – Cindy Jacobs – with my commentary

Here is a word by Cindy Jacobs. It is published on the 5 Feb 2013… today.


I insert my own comments into the indent. Please see below…

The Mighty River of God and Characteristics of Revival

Cindy Jacobs 5 Feb 2013

Swarms of living creatures will live wherever the river flows. There will be large numbers of fish, because this water flows there and makes the salt water fresh; so where the river flows everything will live. Ezekiel 47:9

In 1984, I had a vision while in a hotel room in Temple, Texas. I was all alone and not met anyone in the city. At 6:00 in the morning, there was a knock on my door which awakened me out of a sound sleep. Puzzled and a little shaken, I peeked out of the window. No one was around. As I laid back down, I murmured, “Do You want to show me something, Lord? Did You wake me up?” Immediately I began to have a vision. It was a vision of a river and I knew it was the River of Life. Oh, what a beautiful sight it was! I thanked God over and over for showing it to me. All of a sudden, I saw people come and get in the river. I realized they were the Church. They started throwing up into the river and tossed garbage from their houses into the water, causing it to be polluted and unclean. The people erected a large pediment sign that read “River of Living Water.”

The trash from the houses is our human tradition mixed into God’s words. It’s our tradition, our noms, our own wisdom, our compromise. What we need to do is get back to what God ACTUALLY wrote in scripture, instead of cherry piocking what we want to tell each other about. Let’s get the tradition OUT of church and let’s get back to how chuch is described in the bible.

I asked the Lord what had polluted the river, and He said in my heart, “Judgmentalism, criticism, sectarianism, strife and divisions – these have polluted My river.”

After a while, I saw people coming to the bank of the river. I sensed they represented the world. They looked at the sign and the people in the river who appeared to be having a fabulous time and decided to try the water. Kneeling down, they started to drink. It only took one taste, and they spat it out of their mouths with disgust and went away.

The world sees us appearing to have “a fabulous time” and they decide to try the water…


… but they spit us out. Why?

Because the people come to us expecting to see people selflessly loving one another. They expect to find deep relationships. They expect to find healing. But it upsets me no end to find little or NO love in the church.

We come to church by the front door, we are ushered to some seats, we stand up, sing a few songs, give some money, listen to a presentation, sing another song and then leave. That’s it. Did we form relationships there? No. Did we come unhealed and leave healed? No, probably not. Ive been to healing seminars with world renouned healing ministries and I personally saw people come in hurt and they leave hurt.

No wonder the world spits us out… we are FAKE!

having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them. – 2 Tim 3:5

But woe betide the person who says so… if you tell the church it is powerless… you will be told you are out of “apostolic alignment” and you are going to lose the blessing that somehow comes by being a part of the church.

But wait. God has a plan to clean up His bride. And not a moment too soon. We desperately need the church to be a place of power, of healing, of revival. So what is God’s master plan? Keep reading…

Meanwhile, the Church hardly noticed what had happened. Nobody could tell that the water was polluted because they had tasted it so long that they thought it was good. No one was able to tell the difference between polluted and clean water.

Later, they all got out of the river and fell asleep on either side of the bank. The army of God was fast asleep, and no one cared what had happened to God’s river.

On two occassions I have blogged recently that God has been saying to me – for many years – this about the church:  “Isaiah 28:8 All the tables are covered with vomit and there is not a spot without filth.” Ive written it in my diaries (which Ive previously published on this blog). At that time when you may have read it, you might have thought “who is this guy to be so judgemental”. You might have though I lacked grace and that what I wrote back then was my personal opinion and should be kept personal… in other words… not shared in public. Well, indeed, that’s why it was in my diary and not on this blog.

But here it is now… it\s not me speaking, it’s God speaking… through a recognised prophetess. Please listen to God’s words.

A Mighty River – Pure and Clean

As time passed, a couple of sleepers awakened and looked up, astonished at the river. They tried to shake the others awake but were unsuccessful. I believe they represent the prophetic gifts in the Church.

Indeed, the church has muzzled the prophetic. Sure they allow a few words, but as I have seen for myself, if God says to do X, they often go and do Y… only to find the Y is not working and they turn and come back and do X. How on earth can it be acceptable at all for a church to refuse to do what God is saying to do? Who do we think we are? He is GOD. We listen to HIM, He does not listen to us.

But as God is saying here, in His own words, the church has been refusing to listen to His words through His prophetic voices. So… what will He do, if His own bride refuses to listen to Him? Read on…

At last, two angels from Heaven came down and put little pots of eye salve into their hands, instructing them to put it on the eyes of those asleep. The two prophetic people applied the salve to each person, one at a time. Everyone had the same response after having the medicine put on their eyes.

They sat up, looked at the river and declared, “Oh, what has happened to the River of God? How did we let this happen?” Finally, they all stood up in one accord and went into the river to try to clean it up. Alas, they sadly failed. It was too polluted for individuals to clean with their hands.

As I watched, I could see they had found a strategy. They were building a huge water purification plant in the middle of the river. As they finished the plant, I saw a tiny trickle of fresh water flow out of the other side of the unit. Then increasingly water flowed, until the trickle became a stream, and at last, the stream became a mighty river – pure and clean. The water purification plant represents the houses of prayer which are springing up all over the world. Isaiah 56:7 says: “Even them I will bring to My holy mountain, and make them joyful in My house of prayer… For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.”

I am excited to see God speaking these words. Indeed we have found a water purification plant… prayer centers… and yes they are indeed the solution to the sorry state of the world. In these prayer centers we will pray and wash our nations, churches, cities, people, leaders, economies and more. Amen!

The next sight I saw was puzzling to me. I saw trees on either side of the river bank, dropping their leaves into the river. It was several years before I would come to the understanding that the leaves were for the healing of the nations (Ezekiel 47:12).

The last part of the vision is the most precious. In the vision, children were in the river, laughing and playing. They splashed and dunked each other, having a perfectly glorious time. I believe this is symbolic of a children’s revival which will span the globe. The ending part of this scene was a great blessing. I saw the people of the world come and look at the children in the river. Gazing at one another, they asked, “Should we try to drink one last time from the river?” Kneeling down, they put their mouths to the water and began to drink. They drank and drank and drank as if they would never get enough of the pure River of Life. At that moment, the Lord spoke to me and said, “O taste and see that the Lord, He is good!”

People often prophesy about a child-led revival. This is unbiblical. We are to put people in leadership who conform to the guidelines given in scripture. The concept of a youth pastor is also unbiblical… please… let us return to doing church the way God described it and remove the trash (tradition, our own wisdom, our compromise) from the river, because our trash from our houses is what is dirtying the water.

I think the correct understanding of this is what Jesus Christ taught about people who have a child-like faith being able to come into the Kingdom of God. We must be like children, because He said so, and because that is how it works. That is why God is showing people children drinking from the Living Water emanating from the Kingdom of God… because only those who are like children and have a child-like faith can drink!

In looking back over the last few decades, the Lord has done and still is doing a great work of purging in the Body of Christ. Ezekiel 47 tells of pure water issuing from the temple. Out from the cleansed heart of the Church are issuing many streams which are becoming a mighty river of revival (John 7:18).

Indeed… we are His temple… that water will not come from mighty edifices of human engineering, it will come from the hearts of people. In fact those edifices won’t even be around for much longer because of the econmic situation that is occuring and will occur (you can read more about that prophecy here: Financial Crisis). Not only will shops stand empty, but warplanes wont fly and many churches will fail financially and be foreclosed because they were not living by faith, they were living by pressuring their congregants to give in exchange for blessings – the very thing that the Catholic church used to do in its darkest days.

BUT. The people will remain and they will be cleaned up and they will be God’s temple… and His living waters will flow from within them to others around them.

Characteristics of This Revival:

1. There will be an emphasis on holiness and living a sanctified life. God is exposing sin at all levels. He is no longer “winking” even for a short while at those who are trying to live double lives of sin and service to God. This will produce a holy fear of the Lord.
2. These sanctified lives will affect the culture of the nation where they live. Some will describe it as a “religious revolution.”
3. Prayer groups will spring up with intercession for the nations of the world and the unevangelized. A fresh emphasis on missions in churches will be fueled.
4. The Holy Spirit is prompting “net-working” of those in business to bring forth a harvest of finance to fund the revival (Ezekiel 47:10).
5. Other kinds of nets will be given for the great harvest of fish, which represent the souls of the lost. Creative evangelism will become culturally relevant, bringing in the generation who are now children and youth.
6. Unusual outpourings of God’s power will occur with signs, wonders and other visitations of the Holy Spirit such as great joy, laughing, weeping and deep conviction of sin.
7. The borders between different denominations will become less defined as more and more groups will pray for the sick, cast out demons and experience power encounters of the Holy Spirit.
8. A fresh love of the Word of God, with an emphasis on Scripture memorization, will visit the Church.
9. Racism will be abhorrent to the Church and unacceptable in those congregations experiencing the River of God. Racial barriers will topple as God’s torrent of love is poured out.
10. Those refusing to swim with the current of the river will be in serious trouble. Their churches will become dead and lifeless, and members will flock to drink of the river of revival. Such churches will become “swamps and marshes” which will not be healed (Ezekiel 47:11).

Sadly, pride will trap many. Let me explain please. I have a sincere empathy for those who have poured their lives into the “wrong” things and who now must abandon what they have laboured so hard over. But with revival upon us we simply must change and go where God is leading. Don’t let your pride stop you from changing.

Don’t say: “I’ve always done it this way, this is the way to do it, Ive taught hundreds of people to do it this way… I cant change now… I wont change now, Ive come too far!”  Dont let that be you.

An Invitation: Drink Deeply

There are some who will only be content with the “experience” and in this case, the refreshing and reviving they receive will only be temporary. Those churches who are touched by the true river will become on fire with a desire to see the lost brought to Christ and the world evangelized.

In the 1980s, I started to receive calls from intercessors from many places. Each of these said something very similar. They felt God had told them revival would begin in their little town, or big city, or nation. I pondered what each had said. Could they all be hearing from God? Finally, the Holy Spirit spoke this in my heart, “Cindy, in the coming revival there is not just one place which will be able to claim they are experiencing revival. The revival is going to happen in many places at once. It will be like spontaneous combustion of many, many revival fires. This way, the evil will not be able to get in and put a stop to it as he has in the past through sin or personalities or excesses.”

Years ago God gave me several prophetic words and one of which was “Revival Everywhere“. The reason for this strategy is two fold:

1) When God was fostering revival in Azusa Street in 1904 the enemy was fostering world war in Europe at the same time. So this time around God is using the internet and global communications to flood the world as He said… “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea. – Hab 2:14”  In this way it will not be possible for the enemy to find a single weak spot and attack it. Most revivals in the past have ended when their focal point leaders have stopped praying or moved on. But not this time!

2) God spoke audibly to me saying “put your foot on his throat and NEVER let him get up”. Indeed. We need to assume our God given authority and rule just as He intended us to. We are to put the enemy down everywhere and never let him get back up. For as long as we hold him down, we will have peace. I truly believe we will see the enemy bound in chains and the beginning of the 1,000 years of peace which is mentioned in Isaiah and in Revelations begin during this revival during which we will receive the fullness of what Jesus Christ did on His cross – He made all things new (Rev 21:5) and He destroyed all the works of the devil (1 John 3:8) and He destroyed the one who has the power of death, that is, the devil (Heb 2:14).

The consequence of revival everywhere will be God’s other prophecy which is Peace Everywhere.

I realize this is true. While revivals are messy at times, God is still moving powerfully. Do excesses exist? Yes, undoubtedly. However, the River of God is spilling over into nation after nation. The Lord is inviting all the children to drink deeply of this river.  I believe with all my heart that revival is coming to my nation. Intercessors have prayed for years for God to pour out His Spirit on America. The River of God’s Spirit will touch every nation, and every people will have an opportunity to receive Christ as personal Savior until the earth will be full of the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.

Cindy Jacobs
Generals International

Mike and Cindy Jacobs founded Generals International which works to achieve societal transformation through intercession and the prophetic. Together, their staff works to expand the Kingdom of God by bearing the vision of Generals International to reform the nations of the world through the ministry of the prophetic. Mike and Cindy Jacobs have a full-time staff for media, web and accounting to create TV programs, web video, stream live events, build websites, online tools and steward the money to continue on in the ministry.

I\m so excited that God is speaking this through Cindy. His words are harsh, but it is His right to be critical of His own church.

I was deeply convicted of the filth in the church when I went to a “Christmas Spectacular” in 2012. It took 1 hour and 20 minutes for Jesus Christ’s Name to be mentioned. And almost throughout all that time santa had been on stage. When a character representing satan or evil was on stage he manifested NOT at Jesus Christ (Who never came on stage) but instead satan manifested demonically against the “goodness” of santa. Then when satan got converted it happened like this: he clutched his chest and said he feels warm inside and he said the reason for thatwarmth was the goodness of sata and his workers. Imagine that… satan’s conversion had NOTHING to do with Jesus Christ, or His blood, or the cross… it weas because of the “goodness” of sata.

Ive often wondered… who wrote this script and who approved it and why didnt the people acting it out balk at it and refuse to be in it? God’s words – above – harshly point out the extent to which some our of our churches no longer can tell the difference between good and bad waters. We simply hoist signs and have a fantastic time in the water, unaware that it is filthy water.

Please please recognise that I am a sinner and I need this revival as much or more than you do. Im excited about what God is saying here. He is saying He is going to clean up His bride, He will clean up His church. How will He do it… through those who pray. So get ready to pray!

And to world leaders looking on and wondering what part they have to play in this new brave world that is emrging, may I remind you of my post: Leaders… you are NOT powerless! Yes, something much bigger than you – whoever you are or whatever you represent – is happening.

Now I will arise,” says the LORD, “now I will lift myself up; now I will be exalted.  – Isa 33:10

Political leadership… you can watch. Or you can help. I suggest you help. I definitely suggest you do not resist.

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