Can we pray for healing from being overweight? Yes!

With something like one third of Americans being overweight and the problem spreading around the world… thanks to fast food with sugary drinks…

Obesity by country worldwide comparison

Obesity by country worldwide comparison

From: Wikipedia Epidemiology of obesity

… someone asked me… is it ok to pray for healing from being overweight? Is there such a thing as “miracle weight loss”? Where does self discipline come into it?


This is my short answer: YES!

Here is a a longer explanation of how praying for healing from being overweight is different to pray for sclerosis, hip replacement and a variety of other problems which God has healed people of through me.

Praying for overweight people… or for yourself


Ive been overweight for most of my life – and Ive hated it.

If you’ve read my story on this blog then you will know why I turned to food as a comfort. And thank You Jesus Christ that I did not turn to drugs, partying all night, alcohol, self harm/mutilation or anything else.

Whenever I pray for anything that is wrong with anyone I always do the same thing. I place my hand where the Holy Spirit shows me to place my hand, and I speak out the scriptures that He brings to mind. The scriptures are always about what Jesus Christ has done on the cross.

I believe that Jesus Christ made ALL THINGS new on His cross. ALL THINGS with no exception.

So yes He healed the disease of obesity.


Being overweight is part disease, part stress, part inner turmoil, part mental unhealth and part lack of self control. Fixing one of these doesn’t ensure recovery and healing, we need to fix all the parts… especially the mental part.

We need to (I need to) have self respect and take care of myself. So as I receive what Jesus Christ did for me (Mark) in terms of my overweight problem, I find Him healing all the underlying inner bits that are broken.

The overweight is just fruit on the tree and long ago God taught me to NOT waste my time plucking the fruit each day… it just grows again. Instead He taught me to fix the roots of the tree… get them into good clean water… the kind that flows from Jesus Christ. When the roots are fixed, the tree gets fixed and the fruit comes right.

You see… if He just heals me – BAM! – and I was suddenly slender, then my inner stuff is not fixed, my thinking is not fixed, my habits are not fixed, my self-care of myself is not fixed… and I would become overweight again quickly.

So we need to receive healing of those things as well, not just what is visible.

But the good news is that He made ALL THINGS new, not just some things. Yes He healed those inner things too.

When I first began to declare His finished work over my weight, the very first thing to change was NOT my weight. I suddenly began to dislike very sweet sugary drinks. I began to dilute them with water. So there I was at the Maccas counter saying “please put in about a third of soda water, the drink is far too sweet”. They looked at me like I was mad!

I also began to enjoy water much more and I began to choose other non-sugary kinds of drinks. Since then I’ve developed a dislike for oily foods as well. Ive been buying different kinds of breads and I get fruit and veggies every time when I go shopping. Its just happening inside of me, naturally.

Ive cut down – through NO effort of my own – from eating lots of junk food burgers, to far less of them. I must emphasize that I did all of this naturally, He healed me on the inside first.

People have seen the change. Im noticing the change, my shirts are looser!


(That’s NOT me, I would never wear that watch)

Planting the seed and watering it daily

We must not forget that when we plant a seed, the seed grows underground for up to three months before it pokes it’s stem up above ground. I have found this is true for the Kingdom of God.


He is working inside me (underground) as I stand my ground and firmly declare daily that He has healed me completely on His cross.

So the bottom line is this… healing overweight is not the same as healing an arm, because it requires innner healing as well, not just external.

I know… because Im on this exact journey and Im watching and taking note of how God is responding to my faith.

6 responses to “Can we pray for healing from being overweight? Yes!

  1. this is a great post about a subject that is close to the hearts of so many, many who are on the brink of giving up in their weight loss quest…..
    Many years ago while attending church, I always remember someone sharing a word from the Lord, that if people would fast one day per week then their obesity problem would be healed from there….. I could never do it back then, but it always stayed in my mind….
    recently i have been called to doing some serious fasting and about 8 months ago I completed my first 40 day fast.During that time I went down one dress size and have managed to keep it off, even though I have not dieted since finishing the fast.
    I am just about to embark on my second 40 day fast, and although weight loss is not the reason for the fast, I will be interested in seeing what happens in turn of my weight, in the long term….
    Gods ways are not our ways and His word says to seek Him first, His kingdom and His righteousness….. after this He steps in and adds all things unto us….
    I believe fasting, which basically is giving up something in our lives in order to seek the Lord…. is a key to finding spiritual vitality….. our health is just a natural progression from there….. God bless each one in their journey…. 🙂

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