2013 Feb 19

A realisation that for a long time I have been hearing a voice which was not Gods voice.

I heard of Craig going overseas and I felt upset, why go there when God has begun to do MASSIVE things here?

I felt the things were visible to me, but mainly only at most a few others. Too out of focus. As if I couldnt see them all either. How can others see it? How can they enter in?

Connect and care for people one at a time.
Loving people is a choice, not a feeling. We are asked and commanded to love others.
I see a church where people love one another, because the leadership cannot love ALL the people. It has to be a loving church.

Follow through on the projects He has given me, I am a finisher
Why am I not hearing and feeling? I have ears to hear and eyes to see?
I have been feeling incredibly deep twice in the last two nights.
Starting a band?

Sing to the well.
His righteousness and its effects.

The ruling Spirit globally.

To know who I am because of my union with Jesus Christ. To know and excersize the authority You have given me.

Dont be upset when others go forward because it is what I have been praying for. Why feel unhappy or jealous when this is exactly the breakthrough Ive been agonising to bring.

I want that incredibly deep connection. Perhaps I can strive for that BECAUSE I cant feel lesser things which I would otherwise become content with.

To know and walk in His authority that He has given me.

I see that the world is suffering BECAUSE the sons of God are not doing their job. Jesus Christ said WE are the light of the world BECAUSE of our union to Him. But we fail to tend the earth and so the earth suffers, waiting for the unveiling of the sons of God. We walk as Jesus Christ did, BECAUSE He went to our Father.

I thought about the SLAM of the metal door which I heard on sunday night as I declared that Im a eunich for Your Kingdom. Was God slamming the door on that idea? I thought about the door scripture when Jesus Christ closes the door on the women who were not ready. And at that orecise time Hillary “opened the door as a prophetic act” and I felt that was obviously  important.

2 responses to “2013 Feb 19

  1. Mark I was given the keys to open that double metal door and went to a large dining conference room with Yahweh.
    And eunechs are not of Yahweh for you were formed in His image with All the Power and Love He has. Not to be a bond servant

    • Amen. He closed the door to that idea.

      My desire is to be very focussed on building His Kingdom. I dont compromise with all the luke warmness I encounter.

      Thats not to say Im without sin… Im not without sin. But my desire is to be very focussed.

      And He reopened a door within me to another idea that I was trying to give up on. 🙂

      Thank you Kim

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