2013 March 11

Someone had a vision: She sees a flower with seeds falling from it nearby and those seeds grow. The wind blows and helps the seeds to grow elsewhere  The wind helps.

This was just what I had been asking people… what should I do with my dying and dead sunflowers? Collect the seeds or leave them? This is Gods advice. Its wonderful to know He hears my conversations and gives me answers.

I also felt that this was a word for the small group, that it will multiply. Just two weeks later I find out that some people living in another city over an hour away want to know about the group… perhaps they may start their own one?

This reminds me that God said to me 11 years ago that this revival will go from living room to living room.

Then someone also said: If you fall off the horse – believing and declaring and believing Gods Presence – then get back on as soon as you can.

I must admit Ive been slack recently with my prayers and declarations.