2013 Feb 16, evening, David Wagner

The days of delay and disappointment are over. In three years this ciuntry will see crime drop and this will be known as a peaceful country. As an outsider he can tell as he came here that the ruling spirit over CT is the Holy Soirit.

God is making CT a habitation region. David is saying TONS of things that Im expecting and have been declaring since I came back in 2009… but he doesnt seem to know HOW it will occur, or that it occurs tgrough the declaring finished work of Jesus Christ.

But its incredible to grasp that these declarations are occuring – just they did in Canberra, and now are again.
Because Im declaring different scriptures, different things are occuring. ——

Gold veins growing in SA
Oil discovered and used for SA, an export nation
Ps 72 speaks of economic prosperity in SA

Its going to happen here first and others copy us


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