2013 March 13

In recent days I have been waking up prophesying, just as David Wagner said I would… go to sleep speaking in tongues and wake up prophesying. Im not speaking in tongues, but I do lay in bed praying until I fall asleep.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a dream. In it I was in the back seat of a car and in the front seats are a couple that I trust  She was on the right – the drving seat – and there was a discussion about me. I was down playing the things they may have heard. So I said “there is some element of truth in that” and he said something like “I bet there is!” as if to imply he didnt believe me that its not as bad as they have heard. Then I saw that she had reached behind her head into her hair and there was a sharp shiny knife hidden in there. I feel that she may be about to hurt me in a hidden way. BUT. Praise God He has given me scriptures about that.

This morning as I woke up at about 4:30am I lay there having two dreams or visions. I could feel Gods Presence so clearly. This really was prophecy   🙂

In the first dream I sensed that the coming revival and my relationship with that certain someone are linked. As the one comes so does the other. BUT. There seemed to be something wrong  I dont know what could be wrong, because Gods words are pure and trustworthy and reliable.

As the day has gone by Ive kept asking the Holy Spirit what has gone wrong? And my sense is that there is nothing wrong, but it was my concern showing up in the dream.

In the second dream or vision, I could still feel Gods Presence. I sensed that God was showing me my role. I could see that prophet David was God speaking of what was coming, he seemed like Gods voice speaking or advertising or introducing the things God will be building and laying a foundation for.

I need to own what God is saying. The marriage of the Lamb. And to own that God will lay new foundations – of a new Heaven and Earth.

Today I have felt the Holy Spirit is leading me more than at any other time in my life. He helps me with words to say, He shows me where to put my hands in worship. Im learning to follow Him.

I had a chance to go to the Three Arts – the place where I think God wants the 24/7 worship center. I prayer walked inside. The scripture that repeatedly came to mind was “by His stripes we are healed”. Im not sure why?! As I claimed that place I had an open vision of the place crammed with happy praising people all around me. 

I felt as if the Holy Spirit was saying to me to begin at home and build up Gods Presence there and people will come, and then move and more people will come, and so on. Growing. I know this requires discipline from me daily.