2013 March 16

He speaks our identity to us over and over, but we still have to accept it. We make choices and live from our identity, positive or negative.

First I came to Jesus Christ and by faith I entered into Him and He into me, one, married. And then I focussed on refeiving His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, poured on all flesh. And when I submitted to the Holy Soirit I became a son of God… those who aee led by the Spurit are the sons of God. I had that very profound revelation within one hour… and keep having that revelation each day or every few days since.

2 days ago God said Is 61 and Ps 2 to me and both confirm my identity as His don and a powerfully protected son as well!!! I accepted… yes Lord give me the nations as my inheritance, yes Lord let my childen be known, yes Lord use me and others to help the people of nations and rebuild the cities.