2013 March 17

People coalesce around activities, rather than around groups. Having common activity in common binds us in identity and purpose.

From activity into other things, perhaps training and belonging in social groups.

New Christians need to be born into activity rather than into sitting in chairs and passivity.

Joshua had to take the land. This afternoon it struck me that God FIRST GAVE the city to Joshua and THEN told Joshua what to do to take it. It was given already.

During worship we had a time of words, a lady was speaking and I felt at one moment PROPHECY! and I could feel Gods strong Presence as she said – as God spoke through her – He said we have been praying and praying over a situation with no change and He said through her “we break the things holding this back” and I know Gods words have gone to achieve this.

I cant over emphasize enough that I felt God twice before and I knew prophecy was coming and I knew when she began to speak this specific bit it was for me. I cant over emphasize that I need to believe His words.

I am preparing a place for her… spiritual preparation of Gods Presence, peace, intimacy with Him.

Then God spoke through her saying this “you have been walking a hard road, on tarmac”, she emphasized the hard road, and then she said God wants the person to come into a pasture. I didnt feel that same powerful GOD + PROPHECY feeling, but as we entered a time of ministry for a team going to Uganda her words kept coming back to me.

I felt to talk to her and lo and behold she came to me and said she needs to talk to me. Definite confirmation.

You are my servant Israel. In Isaiah. I had been asking what Israel means. A light to the nations. To the ends of the earth. Israel – the (a) chosen vehicle for God to achieve His purposes.

I have been profoundly moved recently by the image of Jesus Christ standing – legally – in hell/sheol with demons rejoicing at their legal victory over Him… but what was Jesus Christ doing while He was legally trapped there… what was He doing? Preaching the good news! Now THAT is walking by faith rather than by sight. What could He see around Him? Sheol! He could see He was dead and in sheol, surrounded by hell. But in denial of the reality around Him He was still speaking the truth, prophesying His victory over din and death… in denial of the seeming victory of sin and death over Him. He kept preaching, He kept speaking faith and truth… and God released Him, gave Him life, rose Him up.

I see a vision of grapes, a long row of then, and Im eating from just a few of them on the right hand side of row, the Jesus Christ ones… and I can eat all the rest which are Gods words to us and to Jesus Chtist and through Him to us. Both are Gods words. All grapes are from Him. I saw white and green grapes.

I spoke to the prophetess and asked her to pray for me. She confirmed and confirmed and confirned that God will do what He has said. She spoke of an appointed time.

She spoke of buds, that Gods words have been growing underground. She said there is growth on the tree but you cant see the growth unless you look carefully. That image is exactly what I experienced when I saw the tiny buds on the lemon tree. The buds are His words which I believe. His words are shaping things.

She told me she could see Gods smile, His joy as He looks at me, because I believe Him and follow Him and trust Him.

She encouraged me to relax and let go a bit and let Him. But I dont think those words rang true for me because they were the opposite to what she said at the start. But I do think she was right when she said I should not feel like I have to pray all the time, every day. I think I can pray when He leads me to.

She told me how God gave her the words. Funny thing is that God gave me a word and it turned out to be for her! Giving her the city – Joshua.

I feel encouraged. Her words have reshaped how I think about this.

An amazing thing just happened. I was praying. At the end of my declarations – I have a set of scriptures grouped by topic – I began to speak out boldly as God gave me boldness that His words are sent forth from that prophetess to “break” that which is stopping this thing. As I was praying I heard a wiggling on my wooden door. Ignored it. I prayed very boldly. Powerfully. I felt to declare that His words are now double, going forth from my mouth as well to “break” that which is stopping this from happening. And that wiggling happened again. So I got up expecting to maybe see someone fiddling with the door, or something. I took hold of the door handle and opened the door and it opened.. but the door handle came off in my hand. The wiggling I had been hearing was it breaking! My prayers were having an effect as I said them. Why break this door? Door related scriptures came to mind “No one can shut the door which God has opened” in Rev, which made sense, when I had opened the door and I was standing there with the handle in my hand… it could not be shut. Hehehe.