2013 March 24

I heard Job 27. The chapter is encouraging for me, that He says I didnt compromise, and He will not spare my enemies, they have not got away with what they did to me during the whole of my life. I can expect to never see them again and not to worry that they got away with it. They didnt. They arent. They wont.

A repeatedly saw a vision of me standing in water up to my head, eyes closed in intent prayer, unwilling to move without God, willing to go up to Heaven to bring the answer down.

I just heard (this is) “the fullness of time”. I think that has a double meaning for me. Long awaited promises aee in season now. And its also a reminder that Jesus Christ completed everything…

Eph 1:9-10 He made known to us the secret of his will. This was according to his plan that he set forth in the Messiah to usher in the fullness of the times and to bring together in the Messiah all things in heaven and on earth.

The river A saw is Ez 47:1-12 Im standing in the river at the fullest depth. Not just me, ALL of us. This is the fullness of time, so the fullness of the River Of Life, the Holy Spirit, is in fullness above me and also above ALL of us worldwide. The river is described in Isaiah as well and then Peter said the initial trickle had begun at Pentecost.

John 4: 23 Yet the time is coming, and is now here, when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth.

In the Spirit. In Truth. Ive come to a profound season of discovering the Holy Spirit, and that came from me focussing on Jesus Christ. And when I declared that the Holy Spirit is leading me, controlling me, then within ONE HOUR I had the dramatic revelation that I am a son of God.

Whereas I was utterly focussed on Who Jesus Christ is… that led me to understand who He has made me to be. And that was profound. But I didnt experience great power etc. Yes I experienced experiences, more than anyone else Im aware of, but not the fullness, not what was promised.

But when I came to understand Jesus Christ rose to the right hand of God, received the Holy Spirit… and I believed it… and then I submitted to the Holy Spirit… THEN I had the revelation that I am a son of God… for all who are led by the Holy Spirit are the sons of God.

Im now covered by the Holy Spirit, the River of Life… and I can feel the change. Strangely I feel like Im leaving something and starting something… and I know that the Holy Spirit IS Jesus Christ, He HAS come to us.

But I must accept that Jesus Christ is seated at the right hand of God and He has sent the Holy Spirit as my Helper and Jesus Christ has completed His work abd now we are in the Season of the Holy Spirit.

Ive watched the Passion of Christ literally a hundred tines in the past year, I was trying to receive all He has done for me and trying to enter into who He has made me to be. Now Im IN TRUTH (He is the Truth) and Im now also learning to be IN SPIRIT. These are the worshippers that God wants… in Spirit and in Truth… by faith.

And I must say that as I believe Im deep in the water that comes from the sanctuary of God, I can feel heat and perhaps power all over me. And my revelation is  growing significantly.

And just think… God showed me a vision of a well, the well of God, in our back garden, and I read in scripture to sing to it “rise up well of God” (of course its a spring rather than a well), so I did, frequently, and now Im under water in the River… the Holy Spirit.

As I write this I can feel Someone standing behind me and the same heat I felt on my shoulders I can feel He has, and it comes from Him.