4 Instructions given by the Holy Spirit for sustaining this revival for 1000 years

We must learn from revivals in history.

PRAYER (and confession). Prayer underpins all past  revivals. Countless grannies have prayed for what we are beginning to see now. Even when this revival has been going for 1000 years we must keep praying, keep being disciplined. Even when the enemy is in chains in sheol and not bothering anyone any more, keep him there, keep him immobile. Dont stop praying and declaring the victory of Jesus Christ over the devil.

OPPOSE THE DEVIL. God said to me “give him (the devil) no safe harbour”. You see, when revival was happening in the USA in 1904, the enemy was creating world war 1 in Europe. When WW1 broke out that revival stopped. So. If you see war breaking out anywhere, get praying and confessing scripture. The bible says he has been thrown to earth and he knows his time is short. Do not let him retreat to an island or castle to wait for this revival to pass by in a few hundred years. Oppose him directly with the blood of Jesus Christ and your confession of His victory through His blood. Your destiny is to be an overcomer!

OVERCOME THE DEVIL. The whole of creation waits for the unveiling of the sons of God. Why? Because they (we) overcame him (the devil) by Jesus Christs blood AND by their (our) word of our testimony… this testimony is our confession of His blood… what He did on the cross and in His resurrection. Speak scripture, it IS th sword of the Spirit. Speak scripture (His words) because His words are alive and powerful.

NO SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE. Dont make this revival about any one leading figure or any “apostolic group” or anything else. If we make it about anyone then the enemy will target that person and bring them down and the revival may end. That is often what happened to previous revivals. Instead… “no single point of failure” as the Holy Spirit has reminded me so many times. Christ is the head of the man. All who are led by the Holy Spirit are the sons of God. Be led by the Holy Spirit today. Tell the Holy Spirit you want Him to lead you.

I believe these four instructions – if followed – which I believe are provided by the Holy Spirit are sufficient to see a revival that lasts for 1000 years and results in the salvation of almost all people right across the earth, in places seen and unseen, known and unknown, leaving nothing hidden.

The key is humility… by that I mean… let us have a determination to confess all of what Jesus Christ did on His cross, and as we realise what He did, we will also realise who he made us to be… sons of God. As we behold Him, we will realise who we are because of Him. Let us never forget thst apart from Him we can do nothing.

In this final revival we will finally be able to say “this is our god that we have waited for* and we will see the fulfillment of Rev 21 “behold the abode of God is with men/mankind…”.