Prepare for the marriage of the Lamb

A part of a prophetic series…

While Im being brave and stepping out obediently in faith, let me step out once more to convey a message to you.

In the OT God says His eyes roam throughout the earth searching for people. In the NT it says for God so loved the world… people… that He sent His Son Jesus Christ.

This message I am about to convey is my whole life experience as an adult. Thats the hard part of being prophetic, your life itself IS the message. Its not your words only, its your life. Its not your life choices, its what He has done with your life

Im writing this now because the season is changing, for me and for the world too. Shortly I may not be able to feel these feelings with such clarity as I can now. So I have to record these feelings now, at this point in the journey.

Let me tell you a love story… between God and His people… thats ALL of us… all of humanity.

Right back in the beginning, before He created this world, He knew what would happen (as I explained in Predestination) and He wrote our names in a book.

He knew who He would marry. In fact He knew He would marry twice. Here is the love story…

God created the world in 7 days and began a relationship with the whole of humanity… which at that time was just Adam and Eve.

He continued to have a relationship with the whole of humanity when Noah restarted the human race.

But humanity didnt respond to God. We spread out to all corners of the earth and made idols and made war.

Then God chose to work through Abraham. He called Abraham out of a life of idolatry in Ur, in Southern Iraq.

At first Abraham didnt even know what God’s Name was. But after a long time of frustration with trying to reach and interact with humanity, God chose to make a peculiar people for Himself through Abraham. He wanted to use these people to make the rest of humanity jealous in the hope of being able to reach all of humanity.

But as with the other plans that God had tried, this didnt work either. Through Isaiah and other prophets God announced that He would “divorce” these people that He had made for Himself. He said He would give His Name (in marriage) to another people…  the peoole who DID NOT want Him.

So He took a second bride… or He is busy doing that now, calling to her. And that is the message I have to convey. We are nearing the time of the Marriage of the Lamb. He is inviting everyone one in to the feast – and after the feast had begun the door will be closed.

He is sending out messengers to the highways and byways to invite everyone in. Dont miss out! COME, COME, He is saying.

This sending out, this calling, is one last very great revival. Messengers will go everywhere… to the four corners… to invite everyone in for the Marriage of the Lamb.

I know what His heart feels like for the people He has chosen. I intimately know His desire for you. Let me tell you…

You are loved. You are wanted. You have a place with Him. He is looking for you… every day. Every day He expects to see you. He looks for you in crowds. He constantly looks for you to come and respond to Him.

Its your choice to respond to His invitation and come.

He is seated at the right hand of God right now praying for you. He has been praying for you long before you even knew that He existed. He loved you with His life long before you knew that He loved you  You dont know Him, but He has been praying for you for 2000 years already.

In traditional Jewish culture regarding marriage the Father chooses a wife for His Son and they meet and talk and they choose one another. Then the Son leaves for an extended time and He prepares Himself and He prepares a place to receive her. But He doesnt know when the right time will be. Only His Father knows. Why? Because His Father is watching the preparation of His Son, and He knows when His Son is ready… when it will work… then they can be married.

Jesus Christ has gone to prepare a place for you in His Fathers house. He sends out these messengers far and wide to invite you to come and join Him at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The time has come! You are invited 🙂

This message is NOT ONLY for the unsaved, it is ALSO for those who think they are saved, but who have not responded to Jesus Christ with a deep life changing committment. To those He also says COME into a much deeper relationship where you give up your own name and you take His Name as your own.

To all of humanity I tell you this… stop what you are doing, abandon your own ways, He stands at the door and knocks. Open your door to Him, join yourself to Him, conform yourself to Him. Come to Him. Seek Him. Find out all you can about this Person, this love, this Gift which is being offered to you.

Accept His invitation to the Marriage Feast!

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