2013 May 1

I understand why God chooses to raise up those who selflessly serve others and wash their feet… they are having the biggest imoact on lives… getting close to the pain and dirt… they are impacting lives the most… so He raises those ppl up.

I know why God PROMISES that He is the same yday tday and tmoro. Because He has decided to be good… forever. Rebellion is possible, being bad is possible, satan showed that is possible. But God has promised that He never will change. He never will change even a little bit. He will always choose to be love… God is love. He has decided to always be holy and pure and good… and He promises to never ever be anything other than that, forever.

Sin comes from doubt in Gods character… the feeling and thought that God is witholding something good from us. satan caused Eve to doubt whether God was witholding something good from her and Adam. He was not.

“All have fallen short of the glory of the Lord”… that was until Jesus Christ MADE ALL THINGS NEW and He PURIFIED EVERYTHING. Now we are no longer fallen short, we are – by faith – restored to His glory!

The previous revivals were all about the deeper discovery of grace. This next revival is all about the APPLICATION of grace.  (Bear in mind that grace is a Person called Jedus Christ and what He did on the cross)