2013 May 5

I was called to six days of prayer and yday was the final day… yday morning I had a breakthrough in my understanding and I prayed at a higher level of underdtanding of what Jesus Christ has done. Then last night there was a wonderful pouring down in my room. And it kept going all night. And I could still feel the change in the morning. I can see it around. I feel it.

I had a clear sense to go on with the meetings, I couls see that its a part of bringing revival, a key part of revival being birthed.

A time of worship. I preach. Sharing food together.

Name: His Place. As He said so long ago.

Keep declaring the promises He has made for this. The growth cones from believing His words.

As yet unanswered question: When? Which day or evening? Time?

I realise that each revival is about preaching a deeper understanding of what Jesus Christ did on His cross.

I feel that God has not (yet?!) stepped up His gift of healing thru me in part or perhaps because He wants my focus to be on this rather than starting a healing ministry and heading in slightly the wrong direction.

But the truth of Jesus Christ absolutely must be manifest. Healing and other things are signs of His Soirit. There must be signs.

Make a worship cd. Print out words.

Where is the growth going to come from? From God activated by believing His words.

Meetup group as the core. Fb events drive ppl to Meetup.

Im hearing more about Gods Presence being manifest in other meetings. God is fulfilling His prophecy of “revival everywhere”.

I can feel love in the air… a love that has never been there previously. Is it me which has changed? Or is it Gods wonderful Presence… His nature… God is love. In this Presence I cannot imagine people struggling emotionally. This is so wonderful to feel… Ive been declaribg Rev 21 for years… behold God is with us, walking amongst us, wiping away every tear from our eyes, the former order of things have passed away.

Do I speak to leadership about this? Is there an additional benefit over and above Gods desire and His words? Why open this to disappointment and obstruction as happened when I was called to Egypt?

Earlier today I remembered that when I received my calling as a young teen I believed that I would be perfect and then show others how to be perfect… and today I realised this exactly what is happening. Im gradually being made into His image by beholding Him. Made perfect in Him. Going to tell and lead others to come into His image.

The bible says we were destined from the beginning to be made into His image… this revelation is the starting point of our faith, the Rock to build our lives on, the end point of our faith, its how we die to self because it is no longer we who live but Vhrist lives in us. This is the message of this revival.

Someone redently said this on their profile on fb: “ppl claim to know truth but they dont have holiness nor power”. Ouch. I have neither of those two. Shouldnt I be sent by the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders?  I havr a big problem “going” into this without the signs that confirm that He has sent me. Its as Moses said he didnt want to face Pharoah without the signs and wonders. He didnt want to go unless God goes with him.

In fact I remember a prophetic word from a few days ago… God has this on His heart, and He has put it on my heart, so I will ask Him for it and He can reply yes and give it. Indeed the bible says He LOVES to give the Holy Spirit.

Lord, give me Your Holy Spirit with signs and wonders and healing and raising the dead and doing greater things because You rose to the right hand of God. Lord give me perfect intimacy, unbroken fellowship, make me a pillar in your sanctuary and I will never leave your sanctuary.

i know You love to give these things, You have confirmed these are Your intentions, I have received these things IN PART… and You said to ask and velieve I HAVE received.

Hebrews… He (Jesus Christ) upholds the world by His words.

In response to my questions and my need for healings, I just heard “preparation” and these words came to mind “enter a time of preparation”.I could see it was a focussed time.

I heard “created to do good works”.

Then I thought about that pouring out which I felt all of last night and it reminded me of how Evan Roberts experienced God pouring on him night after night before he was sent.

I feel that pain feeling which I havent felt for many months. Its not my owm pain that Im feeling. Its someone else’s.