Vision: Government and citizens to be reconciled

Last night while deep in worship and in Gods Presence I saw a vision. It was absolutely clear.

I saw three elements in the picture. One to the left, middle and right.


To the left were citizens (people). To the center was government and under it was the power base of big business. To the right was foreign aggressors.

I saw an arrow from the government to the foreign aggressors on the right. The arrow looped up over and down onto the foreign aggressors. This meant the government was oppressing (opposing) them.

In the center the government depended on big business as its power base. But with the economic collapse it will lose its power base.

To the left are the people of the nation… the natural power base of any government… but I could see another up-over-down arrow from the center across to the left and the arrow meant that the government has been oppressing the people. The Occupy movement seemed to sit above that power base.

It was apparent to me that Government oppresses the people because it has created tension by moving its power base away from the people to big business. But with the collapse removing the power base of big business, the government will have to shift its power base back to the people and be reconciled back to them.


That was what I saw in the vision. I (Mark) would love to add all kinds of words onto this, but that is what I saw. Im sharing it “as is”.

NOTE 8 Dec 2013:  This was originally written on 11 May 2013. Since then the NSA and other agencies have been revealed to be treating citizens of the world as… Im not sure how to describe it… as threats, terrorists, inmates?

The rift between citizens and governments is huge.

“During the prosecution of Manning, the District Attorney said about WikiLeaks that they are ‘the intelligence agency of the people,’ and I consider this a big compliment. It is a phrase I used years ago to describe us. This is what we are: spies for the people. If states have their intelligence agencies to spy on us and control us, should the people and history itself also not have their own counterintelligence?” – Assange in Assange explains why ‘small publisher’ WikiLeaks beat the Pentagon

Making things even worse is the supra-national TPP and TTIP agreements which strip countries of their elected democracies by placing secret agreements above the elected members of parliament and above the laws of sovereign nations.

The gap between governments and citizens could only be wider if countries began to literally be run as a state prison. The gap must be reconciled. Leaders must urgently find ways to return the country to governance by the people and for the people.

One response to “Vision: Government and citizens to be reconciled

  1. Yes don’t add To a vision because then it iS about you and your interpretation. It is alSo Confirmation of the involvement of the illuminati. ThAnks Mark now we should know how to pray for our government and what foundationS need to be broken So that order can be restored back to this land. ThAt is how our governmEnt looks in the Spirit especially America. WOW thAt is the end time government.
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