Enter in… the invitation is here… for you

The bible says that before the marriage of the Lamb to His bride He sends out messengers to invite everyone to come to the feast… please consider this your invitation.


Ever since I declared that I am led by the Spirit… I have had an increasing revelation of God… the Father… the Son… the Holy Spirit. He has softened my heart SO THAT His seeds can take root in my “soft and obedient heart” as Jesus Christ said in the parable of the sower.

But. He is the one making it soft… right after I chose to be obedient. And by giving me revelation after revelation He is the one changing me SO THAT I want to be obedient.

And what He has been showing me about Himself has blown my mind. Even tonight during worship and in Gods Presence I could see light and what looked like little twinkling stars in the light coming down over us. Some people prophesied. I got more revelation.

Today He showed me the intense humility of the Holy Spirit. Scripture says that the Holy Spirit only says what He hears the Father say.

The Holy Spirit always draws attention to Jesus Christ. Think about all the songs we sing… hardly any worship the Holy Spirit… He doesnt encourage worship of Himself. He is utterly humble.

The Holy Spirit only says what the Father says… does that sound familiar? It should because that is what Jesus Christ said He also did. The Father is speaking… and Jesus Christ and now the Holy Spirit acts on His words.

The Holy Spirit always points to Jesus Christ… and that is what the Father is doing, pointing to Jesus Christ throughtout scripture? Why? Because God is preparing to grow His Family… we are the bride.

And what did Jesus Christ spend His time doing? Pointing to Father God… and at the end He began pointing to the Holy Spirit.

And BECAUSE they (Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit) submit to Him in this way, He submits to them.  How does our Father God submit to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit? He entrust His power to them!

He chooses to place Himself in a very vulnerable position by doing this. He is trusting that they wont abscond with His power  🙂

AFTER Jesus Christ was obedient unto death He said in Matt 28:14 that ALL authority in Heaven and on Earth has been given to Him. And scripture says that at the end Jesus Christ will return the power BACK to God the Father.

Do you see them interacting with one another, trusting each other to not let them down, submitting to one another? The invitation is there for you and I to enter into this Family and participate.

Scripture says that to all those who believe in Jesus Christ He gave the right to be sons of God. You and I are sons of God! Jesus Christ was the first born of MANY sons of God.

If you and I will be obedient to the Holy Spirit and act on the words we also hear from our Father God… He will entrust His power and authority to us too.

Does all of this sound wonderfully relational, complex and intimate? It does to me!

If you can hear all of this message and act on it then God bless you! If you cant, then start by doing just two things…

1) Decide and declare that you ARE led by the Holy Spirit. Decide that NO MATTER WHAT is currently happening in your life. Why? Because the bible says that all who are led by the Holy Spirit ARE the sons of God. Make a FIRM and FINAL decision on this matter. Within one hour of doing that He had begun to reveal things to me.

2) Try to see the humility between the three parts of God who are in relationship with one another. This takes revelation… and revelation  is connected to the softness of our heart. Because you are now being led by the Holy Spirit, He will begin to work on your heart.

When you can see They are submiting to one another, you will KNOW how you fit into this Family AS A SON. Then go ahead and take your place… its the most natural thing to do!

One of the changes that then occured for me was that my worship changed.

I dont sings songs, I recognise His goodness. I acknowledge His humility. I praise His nature. I thank Him for His choices. Worship is not a sing along for me, its like talking to Him about the wonderfulness that I have found IN HIM. I admire Him.

And… Im more and more aware of Him during the day, Im more aware of His hand in my life.

Join me in this journey… come to the wedding of the Lamb… you are invited  🙂

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