This Coming Revival

As if we needed any further evidence of the “revival everywhere” that God prophesied on this blog way back in 2008 (and which is coming into view now) latest stats from the UK shows that the dramatic decline in church attendance year after year there, has suddenly stopped. Next there will be an increase. Its all turning around. Thank You Jesus Christ!

And… speaking about Jesus Christ… as we should be… tonight during worship and in Gods Presence I had still more revelation about Him and also about this coming revival.

Did you know every revival in history has had a few things in common… repentance being one of them and always being preceded by prayer. But one more thing always is found. They all centered on a deeper understanding of the cross (and the resurrection I imagine).

And tonight I could see that this one will be no different. Two weeks ago I heard a prophetic voice say “all revivals were about understanding His grace but this one will be about APPLYING His grace”  BOOM!!!

Tonight I saw so clearly that grace is a Person. And everything coming from Heaven that we have ever desired isa Person. THAT truth will be unpacked in this revival and we will receive all that this Person… Jesus Christ… has made available for us.

I could see why this bible keeps saying IN HIM. IN HIM. IN HIM.  In this revival we will receive all that He made available for us. The earth will be manifestly filled with His glory.

All divorce statistics and all sicknesses and all darkness will be suspended, and reverse its course… just like the decline of the church in the UK is stopping and it will reverse.

Everything God has said to me and which I have published on this blog has happened. This revival will be just as He keeps showing me. It will be everywhere and it will bring VERY GREAT glory to Jesus Christ.

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