Is man good and is God bad?

Recently on my FB Ive had very very lengthy conversations about homosexuality and abortion.

In both conversations there has been two camps of people
1) the group who believe that God is able to set the definition of the words right and wrong and He has once and for all defined that in scripture (this is called modernism when people believe in rules)
2) the group who have made up their own minds about right and wrong (this is called post-modernism when people decide right and wrong for themselves)

In the homosexuality debate I was increasingly shocked at how little respect there was for Gods words… scripture. The arguments were based on human research and reasoning. Anything but scripture.

And when it came time to talk about scripture, just like satan said to Eve “did God really say?” they trotted out unresearched statements about inaccuracies and translation problems. Satans goal is to cast doubt on Gods promises. Did God REALLY say?

Its often the same unresearched nonsense… its if someone has created a handout of talking points and satans little helpers trot these arguments out, without any shame or embarassment.

I was shocked by the lack of respect for Gods authority. But worse was to come.

The next discussion was about abortion I felt physically sick as I saw our sociopathic nature. Babies are seen as sub-human, an abcess, disposable and not deserving of love, protection and life.

In that conversation I felt physically sick when I heard the arguments that made murder ok. Human life was disposable… mere waste… unimportant. Not only had this group abandoned Gods words (scripture) but they had abandoned love and they had no value for life itself.

Im still trying to comprehend how far we have fallen. We have made a lifestyle out of sin. We have taken on satans values as our own… the exaltation of self and our desires.

We all sin, right from the start in 2006 I have been open and I have repeatedly confessed my sin on this blog. I desire to be a better man, a better human being and I seek that through Jesus Christ.

But in those conversations people were justifying their sin, even holding sin up as a righteous thing. In those conversations I saw no shame. We have made living in filth a virtuos lifestyle. Filth, violence, heartlessness, greed, narcissism are seen as desirable.

When satan rebelled against God he repeatedly said “I will”. Its becone our mantra too. But Jesus Christ showed a different way, where you dont bomb your enemies, you love them and pray for them and help them find work and healing.

We think of ourselves as good and God is bad. What a delusion we are under! Are we blind to what is around us?

Our economy is collapsing. Homelessness is common. People sleep in bus shelters and sleep hungry at night. Rape and abuse are common experiences for women. Mental illness is common. Physical illness is seen as normal. Prostitution… think about it… people selling themselves for money. How difficult are our lives if people take drugs (legal and illegal) just to get through the day? Greed is held up as a virtue while 25% of people are unemployed or are on food stamps or get government assistance (depending on which country).

We have not built something admirable. We live in a cess pit. We are not gods, we are sociopaths who think life is not valuable. We are selfish to such an extent that we refuse to care for the weak and helpless… they need our love and protection!

Our politicians go on courses to study Saul Alinsky. Time magazine said “American democracy is being altered by Alinsky’s ideas”. His most famous book is called Rules for Rebels and he studies and shows how the original rebel – satan – was so successful. He deliberately and without shame teaches satans principles. Yes. Think about that for a moment. Politicians are studying satan to learn how to be successful like he has been.

Really… is man good and God is bad? What nonsense!

Lord Jesus Christ You poured out Your Holy Spirit on all flesh and You said that when He comes He will convict us of sin. Lord this whole world needs a revelation of Gods holiness and conviction of our sinful state.

Woe to our leaders who lead us astray deeper into decay and greater rebellion against God. You will be judged for how you led us astray.

2 responses to “Is man good and is God bad?

  1. Its refreshing to read your views and a relief that someone else has noticed what the Bible says about homosexuality and killing babies. I was beginning to think I may be going a little crazy that no one else notices that the Lord does not approve.

    He warns us against such activities to protect us, not to take away our fun. He in His all knowing wisdom knows what’s best. Would you let a toddler eat a bag of sugar? the toddler doesn’t understand why you would deprive him of such a yummy treat but we know its not to be mean but because we love the toddler.

  2. Hi … Your article makes interesting reading … wish more people would follow this. I had the most amazing experience in the last few days when God showed me what the devil was … he never can be believed .. for when I went with kindness I was harrassed by him for he would not go. I have now learnt my lesson and will never be kind again. He has since disappeared from our lives never to be seen again.

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