A lounge room revival (how to)

In my prevuous post His will… on Earth as it is in Heaven I mentioned that God said to me in 2001 that the coming revival would spread from lounge room to lounge room.

I had no idea back then how this would occur. I see now that the economic collapse will destroy churches which are not built on the Rock – Jesus Christ. Those built on sand – unity, submission to pastors, tithing, apostolic alignment – will not be able to stand when the storms come.

As a result of this shaking, vast numbers of Gods children will be released from control and released into the leadership of the Holy Spirit. They will find unity in mutual submission and love of God and loving one another as they love themselves.

God ordained leaders will be recognised. I say “God ordained”, not pre-approved, media friendly, well connected, nor those with good “spiritual CVs” who have been to the right places and done the right training.

Instead we will know who God has chosen because the Holy Spirit is with them and they have living waters flowing from them. We will see the signs that the bible says to look for.

Those new leaders are already there, already finished their Holy Spirit training. Like King David they were in the caves, in the wilderness, living in close relationship with God. As a result, they have killed lions and bears in private… and in time they will kill Goliaths in full view of the public.

If its on your heart to start a fellowship meeting in your lounge room then please visit and follow my other blog Pray for your city and lets get in touch and chat.

Learn what you can about a type of organisation called “movements”. Movements are started and run differently than other kinds of organisations. People join movements for different reasons as well.

Bear in mind this very important principle that God keeps reminding me… He has MANY children that He needs to connect in somewhere… if you look after His kids, He will entrust you with more of His kids.

That is a fundamental principle of the Kingdom of God… its the parable of the talents: use what He has given you and He will give you more.

Provide platforms, not ceilings

But what does it mean to look after His kids?

In some churches it means safety first… to scare the people, scaring them with threats that they may lose their blessing, stripping them of autonomy by demanding submission to authority, forcing them to sit facing in one direction passively and not using their gifts… all because “God is a God of order”.

This kind of church is a ceiling that prevents unapproved growth. It prevents problems. It prevents trial and error. It prevents maturity from growing and developing through independant thinking and trial and error.

In this kind of church passivity is ideal. Christianity becomes a spectator sport with thousands of people sitting in the stands observing the show.

But Paul showed us a different way. He said he is an apostle who builds a foundation that other people can build upon.

Find ways to enable the people in your meetings. Let everyone bring something, as the bible said they should.

This kind of church provides a relational platform for attendees to find emotional support while they try things and launch out.

Jesus Christ showed us that same way when He knelt down in front of His disciples and He cleaned their feet.

Clean the feet of the people God sends you. Provide a platform (not a ceiling) for them to follow the Holy Spirit. Remember: all who are LED by the Holy Spirit are the sons of God. Therefore, do not prevent people from learning by trial and error what is the will of God for their lives.

You may say to me that you are constrained by mothers and fathers, by constitutions, by expectations, by bills to pay, by your years of training, by the rules of the denomination you joined, by culture and tradition of your community, by your board, by your elders, by your congregation who appointed you and who can UNappoint you.

And I say to you, dont worry, all of that will go away… or be severely damaged. Gods people will be released from human tradition. If your heart is to pastor people then you will get your chance to do that… in your lounge room.

Get in touch with me. Lets talk. Lets build a platform for people to find support as they follow the Holy Spirit.