His will… on Earth as it is in Heaven

Well THIS is going to be interesting!! Recognised prophet David Wagner says God is breaking the spirit of poverty and releasing abundance.

For a few years I have been hearing God warn that the world economy is going to collapse – and I have posted these warnings to this blog and in my journal which I published on this blog

Which one of us – David or I – is hearing God and which one of us is tickling peoples ears? We will shortly see.

David prophesies that God is releasing glory to the pulpit. But I have seen visions where many countless churches close from financial ruin and the people flood out and begin to meet in lounges and homes.

I believe God said to me way back in 2001 that this next revival will spread from lounge room to lounge room.

There will be a very great harvest of souls measured in the billions. Wars will cease.

The meaning of many Christian words will be clarified and corrected. Words like pastor, apostle, unity, anointing, tithing. These words have been used and abused.

We will learn – individually – to follow the Holy Spirit and He will cause us to reclaim all of what has been lost.

Right now God is still trying to work with His church (the buildings) but they are not listening, not humbled, not trembling at His words, not changing, unwilling to be led.

His words and His plans have to fit in with their plans… they have to approve of His plans otherwise He cant do them… but… who is God? Them or Him?

Would any husband allow His bride to be held captive by someone else?

When did the under-shepherd start telling the Shepherd what He can and cant do with His sheep?

He is going to go right past them. I have seen it in two visions and had it confirmed. He will do a (sort of) new thing in order to reach His people, His bride. His sheep.

And most importantly, He will crush the notion that “the church is the Saviour”. Churchianity.

Jesus Christ is the Saviour. Everything we receive comes from Him alone. All authority in Heaven and on Earth has been given to Him alone.

He is not going to permit His bride to be held captive by controlling personalities! All of this will be wiped out. Like a rag cleans up dirt. His bride will be permitted to dress in clean clothing… clothing that He provides.

You may be able to comprehend His intention in all this, but I can feel His determination.

I see some ARE listening.

He is going to do His will on Earth as it is done in Heaven. We are going to lose a lot financially. But we are going to gain a lot in other ways. The works of the devil are being destroyed. The Kingdom of God is coming. Much filth will be washed away. Almost all hearts will be changed. This is the word of the Lord.

I cant emphasize how important it is… at church and government and at all levels… to have tremendous respect for Gods desire and his intentions and His will. Position yourself and your church and your government in His will.

His will is like a slip stream behind a car or a jet. His will is like a current in the ocean.

If you dont know His will, then move Heaven and Earth to find out what it is! . When you know His will DO IT.

Let me give you a tip. Make sure that whoever you task (with finding out Gods will) has a soft and obedient heart. Stony faced people cannot bow down low. The bible says that Gods words are like seeds… they take root in soft and obedient hearts.

Hard, proud, arrogant, independant, haughty… these are characteristics of the devil… and the works of the devil are being destroyed.

His will is the most powerful force on the planet at this time. Its like a backwash on a beach. The waves are on top. They are loud and fun and beautiful. But you may not notice the backwash unless you stand there patiently for a while and study the currents. The backwash is powerful. It changes the shape of the beach!

Do you know the sports saying “use it or lose it”? Thats where we are now.

What did you think of this post or this blog?

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