A vision explaining what faith looks like

I feel to share this revelation that I had this morning. The revelation is so clear to me. I can still see the embrace, I can still feel the warmth being exchanged.

Imagine a woman meets her husband to be. Or imagine when Rebekah came to Isaac, a man she didnt know personally, and she saw him in the field meditating.

In the vision I saw that two things can happen…

If in her heart she approaches him with trust and joy, then they will be instantly close. They may embrace and her faith in him is rewarded by a feeling of warmth flowing from him to her. Its his love for her.

But in the revelation that I saw, a second thing could also happen.

If she doubts, holds back, is distant, suspicious, cautious, then she will not be able to receive his love which is there and available for her. Not until her defenses come down and she chooses to have faith in his words and his promises.

The Holy Spirit showed me that WE humans are Jesus Christ’s bride.

If we respond to Jesus Christ’s words and promises with faith… meaning… trust, believing the best, being vulnerable to Him… then we will be able to receive all He has for us.

But if we hold back with cynicism, suspicion, wanting proof first, caution… then we will not be able to enter into what He has prepared for us.

This was a PROFOUND revelation for me.

I must approach His words, His promises with faith and trust, embrace them, and not hold back and watch and see.

Extra —

I keep seeing it. Every time I am silent before the Lord… the same message. I just saw it again. If she embraces him, the love flows from him to her. If she stands back and expects him to prove himself, the love doesnt flow. Thats the story of my (our) faith in Jesus Christ! If we embrace His words, they flow to us. If we stand back and wait for our thoughts and feelings to line up, then His words dont flow. Is this for YOU? Then embrace His words.

Extra —

Bear in mind what Eph 5 says… the mystery of the church and Jesus Christ is explained in the relationship between a husband and wife. And the mystery between a husband and wife is explained by the relationship between Jesus Christ and His bride.

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    Over the last week or two I consistently feel that the core message of this post has not been perceived: “If she embraces him, the love flows from him to her. If she stands back and expects him to prove himself, the love doesnt flow.”. Please take a moment to carefully read this post in full.

  2. Yes when we resist we even resist the purpose HE wants us to fulfil. Then we wonder why our lives just won’t work out. It is because we RESISTED. How can we do what needs to be done if we think we know better. We can’t see the whole picture ELOHIM has already seen how we fit in. Why we are the best suited for the task our positioning talents gifts personality and strifes. How we can help HIS WILL BE done. And Where HE NEEDS WHAT done how,why, and what for. So you are right Mark we need to embrace our lives and the wholesome purpose ONLY we were born to achieve for YHWH’s Glory ALONE AMEIN
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