The dragon is taken captive – vision

Regular readers will know that God prophesied that peace is coming. Reasonable people would take one look at the world now and scoff. Yeah. I can understand that. Wars are all over the place. As some stop it seems other countries are deliberately trying to start new ones.

Peace? Some nations seem to be tearing themselves apart at the moment.

Peace? Srsly?

But my job is to share with you what I see and hear. And that’s what I’m doing. I’m like the postman. If he or she delivers good or bad news, the postman is just the delivery person.

So what’s the news?

On Monday night I was praying. Sitting in my bed. Inside my room.. I saw up in the sky, in the area where you would normally see clouds, what seemed like 4 angels. But if they were angels they would have been absolutely massive, up there, so far away. Therefore, I say they seemed like angels and it seemed to be in Heaven… despite me being in my room.

Looking back I consistently feel they were “heralds”. Angels that announce important events and things.

Then I saw a dragon. He was bound securely. Captivity has been taken captive. How was he bound? There were two wooden poles stuck in the ground and his wings were tied spread-eagled to the poles. He could not move forward or backward or anywhere.

As I watched him, his head on a long neck moved forward aggressively. I wondered if he was trying to breathe fire… to attack… but really, he could not move, his wings are splayed out and bound to the poles.

His movement when he threw his head forward like that made me think that he was trying to throw his weight forward and get loose. But nothing budged. Captivity has been taken captive.

Looking back, if you do a search on this blog, or in my journals which are also on this blog, you will see a moment when God announces that evil has been contained. Then another moment when evil has been contained even more.

But now, the dragon, the serpent, satan, the devil, lucifer… etc… has been taken captive. He is bound.

He is the one Genesis said deceived Eve and then Adam. He is the one Rev 20 says that when he is released after the 1000 years of peace that he will go once again to deceive the nations and once again cause the world to go to war.

But while he is bound, no matter how he struggles, he cannot deceive, he cannot “steal kill and destroy” and he cannot lie (Jesus Christ said he is the rather of ALL lies).

So now the impetus of these things (war, lying, stealing, killing, destroying, deceiving, deluding) has been stopped. The existing momentum of these things will slowly decline and then stop altogether, because the driving force (the dragon) behind these things is taken captive.

What we can expect now is a very great but initially slow global unravelling… an unravelling of deception, of delusion (both inside and outside the church), an unravelling of unbelief and faithlessness, a gradual move towards peace in every sphere of life as his lies unravel and his kingdom unravels.

There is a saying that people go insane in groups and they return to sanity one by one. We will see people return to Jesus Christ… one by one. Worldwide. One by one people will exit fear and paranoia, stop hiding, stop stealing, stop killing, stop selling themselves and generally stop living lives based around the dragon’s value system.

With the dragon taken captive we can expect great confusion to come over his spiritual kingdom. But the people that were trapped – willingly or unwillingly – under the influence of his kingdom will return to sanity… one by one.

The dragons kingdom has been built over many thousands of years in great secrecy therefore it won’t unravel overnight, because tradition takes a while to change.

But the change will be visible soon, because one by one people will return to sanity… both within the church and also outside the church.

Thank You Jesus Christ for raking captivity captive. – Eph 4:8

Thank You Jesus Christ that BY YOUR DEATH You destroyed the one who had the power of death – that is the devil. – Heb 2:4

Thank You Jesus Christ that the REASON (You) the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devils work – 1 John 3:8

You DID these things and we have been receiving them by faith. Amen and amen Lord.

2 responses to “The dragon is taken captive – vision

  1. I’ll be honest, I’m praying for the vision to be true. I’m tired of dictators and politians misusing people and I’m tired of hearing about war. Too many Christians are content to sit back and scream it’s the end times! “Sighs” I think something big is going to happen in 2014 and 2015. Though I don’t want to image what it is.

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