The heavens are telling the glory of God

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Have you ever wondered what this verse means?

The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament a proclaims his handiwork – Ps 19:1

Is the Big Bang theory right?

According to the Big Bang theory the age of the universe is 13.798 ± 0.037 billion years. According to NASA the age of our own Solar System where we live is 4.5 billion years.

But this Big Bang theory can easily be seen to be wrong if we consider some simple facts which are displayed in our very own Heavens.

Go outside tonight and see the proof that there is a God, we are not randomness, we are the work of His hands.

Consider the moon

According to the Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment the distance from the Earth to the Moon continually changes for a number of reasons, but averages about 384,467 kilometers (238,897 miles). The Moon is spiraling away from Earth at a rate of 3.8 cm per year.

Taking these two values and a very simple calculator, we can work out that the age of the Solar System cannot be older than 8.4 million years old, because before that the Earth and the Moon would have been touching each other before that and if they touched then neither would exist as they do now.


Consider your kitchen

The second law of Thermodynamics states that physical systems (everything) tends to slide spontaneously and irreversibly toward a state of disorder.

Your hair, your makeup, your body odour… it all becomes a mess if left to itself. Your kitchen, your house, it all decays doesnt it? That law says what we know is true… things get worse over time, not better.

According to the Big Bang theory, all that we see began in an explosion… and it created a mess… and yet the people promoting the theory say that the mess got better… worlds formed, order formed, things collected into useful objects.

An explosive random mess usually looks like this… and left to itself it doesnt get better.


Consider our Solar System

Think about that law and the mess of an explosion… and now look up at the Heavens… do you see disorder? Where is the mess? I see order.


Consider Saturn’s rings

Look at the hundreds of rings around Saturn… where is the disorder that should occur from a “big bang” when a tiny dot of nothingness exploded and left a mess… a mess that according to that law only gets worse and worse over time if left to itself…


Consider the Earth’s orbit around the sun

Please think again about that law, think about your kitchen and now think about what randomness looks like. When things explode, or when things fall randomly – without God’s hand to guide it –

The earth’s orbit around the sun is not a circle. The earth’s orbit around the sun is slightly elliptical. At its nearest point on the ellipse that is the earth’s orbit around the sun, the earth is 91,445,000 miles (147,166,462 km) from the sun. This point in the earth’s orbit is known as perihelion and it occurs around January 3. The earth is farthest away from the sun around July 4 when it is 94,555,000 miles (152,171,522 km) from the sun. This point in the earth’s orbit is called aphelion. –

The difference is about 5 million km or 3 million miles… its not enough to freeze us to death nor hot enough to cook us to death.

Just think about that. If everything is just randomness then why is the Earth’s orbit so perfect to sustain life?

If its was all just randomness and if there was no loving God to “fine tune” things for our benefit, then why doesn’t our orbit look more random… like this? Why aren’t we all dead either by frying or by freezing?



Yes… look up and see…


The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament a proclaims his handiwork – Ps 19:1

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