The lioness and the Lion – dream

I must share this dream I had. I really must share it.

I saw a lioness and she was looking at a table, like a dressing table, and on the table were books, and a small weight of the type that you put on weight lifting bars in gyms, and other things were also on the table. The weight seemed to represent the care for money.

The lioness was looking at all these things through some bars. I suppose they were not allowed… the wisdom, riches, cares of this world. They are a distraction to the lioness. But she walked up to them, looking at them.

Then I saw a mature male lion walk up to the lioness. She was afraid of Him, she tried to offer Him some of the things, she took the weight in her mouth, took it off the table and threw it at His feet… offering it to Him, but He walked past it and took no notice of any of the things on the table.

She is a lioness of His kingdom but she has strayed into the kingdom of the world and her eyes are on the riches and knowledge of this world.

The lion began to bite her, he stripped large parts of her skin, she did not bleed, she did not die, he never bit her neck to kill her. But she was laying on her side, offering no resistance.

This dream upset me a lot while I watched it. The whole time i was shouting advice to the lioness in the fight. But that was because i didn’t understand the meaning of the table and the items on the table.

After I understood the meaning, that she had strayed into the world, I remembered that God sometimes hurts our body in order to save our soul.

This warning is for both the church, and for us individually.


I have reread what I wrote 4+ times. I now see that the lion was (in effect) cleaning her. Cleaning her of the influence of the knowledge and money on the table. The books were knowledge… worldly wisdom.

6 responses to “The lioness and the Lion – dream

  1. Wonderful dream, quite profound that there was no blood shed. (!)
    According to the Law all things are purified with blood; and without shedding of blood there is no remission of sin. (Heb 9:22)
    My understanding is:
    There is no offering or sacrifice that we can make to obtain forgiveness.
    Christ has offered up the ultimate sacrifice, and nothing can be added to it, or else the sacrifice of Christ would be found lacking.
    May we all be invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb, where we offer our spiritual sacrifices having been sprinkled with Christ’s blood. For nothing covered under the blood of the Lamb of God will be found less than perfect.

  2. WOW! What an amazing message and one that I will ponder. The power and the truth in it is deeply powerful and stunning. Better to lose everything than to lose connection with God.

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