God will bring peace to South Africa – word

On Friday 23 August 2013, as I drove to meet a friend, I heard God speak to me. He said “I will bring peace to South Africa”. As He spoke I felt massive joy in my chest and my eyes had to close and I involuntarily spoke in tongues… and didn’t crash the car… PRAISE GOD!

In fact He said a bit more than this, just a few words more, but I won’t share those words because they might distract from this message.

In a quiet time of prayer before church I heard “Is 64” and it begins “Oh that you would rend the Heavens and come down”. Then in Is 65 it speaks about peace.

Later as we prayed for one another, one of the people in church leadership, who I trust, had a word for me: “God in your home”. It confirmed what I felt God had been saying to me since Friday night. I know how He will do this… and its going to be wonderful.

Previously, some years back, He showed His authority and power in Australia when He broke the drought, made rivers in the desert, filled ancient lakes, made lakes in the desert and opened the Murray River mouth… as He said He would… and as documented on this blog.

Now He is now going to bring peace to this wonderful rainbow nation of South Africa. Once again He will show us His power and authority.

Anyone who wants to help in this… be a part of this… is welcome. We can do it… be a part of bringing peace to 50 million people… together.

But. If you wont… be sure that if He can’t find willing people, then He can use donkeys… or turn dry bones into an army… or make stones cry out in worship.

Do not be confused… God is the Head of us, He is not our tail.

Do not be confused… God is not owned and controlled by any church or denomination. Instead, we all are held together by Him and in Him.

Do not be confused… He doesn’t conform to the plans we make. Instead, we conform ourselves to His plans.

To know His will, we attempt to silence the voice of the enemy, and we attempt to listen to God’s voice.

Find out where He is going and go with Him.

For all who are led by the Spirit are the sons of God – From 8:14

It feels so good to be in action again after so many years of waiting and resting. I’m excited at this big God-sized project. This is a part of the prophecy that God gave me a few years ago… “peace everywhere” which is also documented on this blog.

The cloud and pillar and fire are moving forward. Im going with Him. Who is coming?

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