A new creation (not evolution)

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One of satan’s key offers to people, institutions and countries is that he will help you get better. He offers to do this by weeding out the weak (Darwin, survival of the fittest) and by exalting the strong and helping them to become stronger.

Some organisations don’t use his name (satan), they refer to him as the god of this world. Over the 6500 years he has been known as many different names. His offer is that he will help you become more and he will share the wisdom and spiritual power that his kingdom has collected over 6500 years.

Before going to the cross Jesus Christ referred to satan as the ruler of this world. And when satan tempted Jesus, satan offered things that only someone who rules this world could offer. But after the cross Jesus Christ said that He (Jesus) had been given “all authority in Heaven and on Earth”.

If the enemy offers you power, its only temporary power, he is lying to you because the real power is now held by Jesus Christ.

I am astonished to what extent Christianity rejects this world… and Im astonished to what extent the church (generally speaking) embraces this world and its ways. We try to put lipstick on a pig. No. Scripture says to abandon the pig!

Scripture says that we are body, soul and spirit. And it says that since the fall nothing good dwells in us. Why? Because “in that day” of the fall we died… everything came under the power of death… and scripture says that the devil (satan, lucifer) is the one who has/uses the power of death.

Those who see this world as a place that is always improving… as evolution teaches… will recoil at what I just wrote… which is that this world has been in decline for 6500 years since the fall.

Such people think that through the process of natural selection… killing the weak members of society and exalting the powerful members of society… we can evolve human beings to become something better.

But scripture says we are in decline. Who is right? Are we improving or declining?

I think we are utterly ignorant of what our lives were like in the garden of Eden. We don’t realise how good it was… so we don’t see how far we have fallen.

For example Adam lived 930 years. How much knowledge, expertise, wisdom can you acquire in 40 productive years as an adult? Now imagine what you could learn and invent in 930 years. With so many generations all being alive at the same time, virtually no knowledge would ever die out or be lost.


I think the enemy has successfully (so far) conceiled what life was initially like… and how far we have fallen… because if we could see it, we would realise our loss and we might yearn to be restored to God Almighty.

And… not just how good life WAS, but what it WILL be like again… through faith in Jesus Christ… because He changes everything so dramatically (when we have faith in Him… which I have only just started to learn and experience).

If we knew what we have lost and if we knew what lays ahead, we may choose to NOT be united to the god of this world… who has lost his ownership of power after the cross… and is gradually losing his spiritual energies/powers in real tangible ways.

Remember that scripture says that we are body, soul and spirit. Through faith in Jesus Christ each part of us can be renewed into something so new that scripture calls it “a new creation”.

Macro evolution is unscriptural, unscientific and illogical nonsense… just like there used to be a well established and accepted “scientific” belief that the universe revolved around this planet.

But reconciliation back to God Almighty through faith in Jesus Christ really CAN create a new creation… the next step… improved.

But this new, better creation comes only through faith in Jesus Christ…

“the acknowledgment of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ; in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” – Col 2:2-3

This is not occult (occluded, hidden) knowledge… it is described in great detail in scripture… the Bible is the most printed book in human history, available in almost every language in all countries. This offer is not for the elite few, it is free and for everyone.

You might ask… if the promises are so great then WHY (Mark) are you still struggling with sin? Why is the world unrenewed after 2000 years? Why is the divorce rate higher in the church?

The reason is because we Christians are ignorant of Who Jesus Christ is, what He did on the cross, who we are as a result of who He has made us to be, what the promises are… and most of all… the realization that it is ALL YES AND AMEN “in” Jesus Christ.

We hear phrases like “Jesus Christ is all and in all” and we fail to see the vast truth of that statement.

No. I’m NOT saying everyone is saved. No. There is an eternal fire (usually incorrectly known as hell) and those who willingly practise evil are going to be judged and will go there.

No. I’m saying that there are vast truths that the Holy Spirit is unlocking right now, right across the whole world, not just here on this blog.

Im also saying that now is the time to take a stand, cast off the darkness, refuse to be silent, refuse to keep secrets (occult means occluded which means covered… hidden… secrets).

Instead be united in love and peace for one another.

Jesus Christ came to cast fire on this world… Holy Spirit fire. He did not come to create (intellectual) unity, instead He came to unite all of us IN Him… a unity of Spirit.