The travelling rainbow

This past Sat I went to pick a friend up to give her and her friend a lift to her friends home.

From the moment I set out I saw a few rainbows. By the time I had dropped them off I had seen four rainbows. I mentioned it to them, pointing the fourth one out, which was directly in front of us and very bright, noticeably similar to the one I saw a week ago in Muizenberg.

This bright rainbow was not a whole rainbow, it was short, just the bottom left of a curve up and to the right. One week before I had seen this same rainbow as I was asking God about His promise for me. Where is the reality of that promise? Then I saw that super-bright rainbow.

And now here it was again. Much brighter than normal rainbows.

My friend asked if the four rainbows had all been in different places and yes they had been in 90 degree different places… meaning… very far apart, in different directions.

Then my friend decided to come with to my sat evening thing. As we drove we chatted. She said that she was learning to hear the Holy Spirit.

As we drove up an on ramp, I wanted to explain to her how rainbows are formed through light refraction… you have to have the sun behind you and the water has to be in a certain place… or… whatever… but you have to be in the right place, so if you move then it goes away. Its very coincidental. Very specific.

SUDDENLY as we came up the on ramp from the N2 onto the M5 that very bright little rainbow had become an ENORMOUS huge rainbow right in front of us! I could see both ends of it.

She had a word from God… He said “promise”. I knew He was (yet again) saying that I should believe His promise.

Whenever I doubt, He finds a way to show me that I should keep believing.

The onramp curves left, so now the rainbow was to our right. But what was so very amazing with this rainbow was that it stayed next to us for about three kilometers. It was outside my drivers side window! I could see the other end of it in my rear view window.

Rainbows are usually far away and in the clouds, but this one was just over there, in front of the houses, in front of the trees, maybe 1 or 200 meters away… literally staying in the same spot right outside my drivers side window.

It didn’t matter how the car turned, there it was, not forward or back, just right there in the same spot outside my drivers side window! It literally moved alongside us.

Then it became a double rainbow, the second one began to appear to the left. It was softer, paler, just appearing on the one side, but after a while the second one, while still softer, was much longer and stretched up the side of the rainbow up above the window out of view.

We were stunned and excited… all I could do was drive carefully and try to come to terms with this rainbow that was travelling alongside us… always constantly outside my drivers side window!

It even outran the clouds, it was there with a blue back drop. It was roughly to the n-east, because we were roughly travelling north-w.

When we turned left onto the N1 towards town, going roughly s-west, it was now far away to the left… roughly south-e. It was in a completely different direction now, but still visible. Then we left it behind.

She finally realised she should get a pic as proof. My old phone doesnt have a camera. She grabbed her BB and snapped one.


The second rainbow is visible, it faint and to the right with a blue sky behind it. That’s the railway along the N1.

It would have been awesome to get a shot of the rainbow outside my window just past my face, but we were talking excitedly and I was trying to watch the road… while very excited.

Why did God speak in this way? Why do something impossible? Why now?

I had very serious theological doubts during the day. But… a travelling rainbow? He has often used rainbows to remind me of His promise.

I know His promise will come.

4 responses to “The travelling rainbow

  1. Wow that’s pretty cool. I hope your promise comes to you as soon as possible. Pleas pray God will bless me too , soon. God bless and have a great day.

  2. Mark, you said that you saw rainbows in 4 different directions…..I believe that’s God’s reminder to you that He covers you with His promises no matter what direction you look! He will always be there! As far as the bright (and double) one overhead, not sure……yet.

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