Does God exist?

Now that the worlds scientists have done their experiments… looking for the God Particle… and found instead that God exists… what next?

Well… let’s back up and hear from the scientists…

… a few constants — including the mass of the Higgs boson — are exponentially different from what these trusted laws indicate they should be, in ways that would rule out any chance of life, unless the universe is shaped by inexplicable fine-tunings and cancellations.


… in papers, talks and interviews, Arkani-Hamed and many other top physicists are already confronting the possibility that the universe might be unnatural.

So… Someone OUTSIDE of everything we know, understand and measure… OUTSIDE of our universe… OUTSIDE of all of creation… “tweaked” things and made this world.

Don’t take it from me (Mark), listen to the world’s elite scientists.

So… now we know God exists.

Let’s just let that settle in. God exists.

Ok. What do we know about Him?

1. We know, scientifically, that God exists. That’s a really big deal.
2. And we know He tweaks things SO THAT we exist. He created us. We were not an accident. Its because of God that this world exists.
3. We know He is NOT in this world, He operates from outside this world. We cannot (at this time) measure Him but we can “see” (scientifically) the tweaks that He has made in this world.

So… now that the answer to “does God exist?” has been answered by scientists… now what?

And this is what I’ve been grappling with. Because we have the sure knowledge that God is real and He originates from OUTSIDE of this entire universe, I see a few things…

1. We can never control Him, because we are in this universe and He is outside the universe
2. He created us and is at the very least watching, but probably wants to interact with us.
3. We should pay attention to Him, at the very least because He can tweak things, and because He is more powerful than the whole universe and everything He crested in it. That’s a good reason to pay attention to Him isn’t it?

So… now what?

We know He exists, but we don’t know His Name and we don’t know if He is actually a “He”. So… we should try to work out these things. Don’t you think?

Let’s start with what scientists also ahowed that He is NOT.

He is NOT originating from within this world. So… any religion that says the creation of this world comes from within this world is WRONG.

For example some varieties of witchcraft and satanism contend that the world is just “chaos magic”… meaning that Schrodinger’s cat and the quantum expectation experiments are how the world was created… and how it works… and how it can be manipulated and sustained.

Let me rephrase that… some religions say that things exist because you expect them to exist. So… your expectation (or “chaos magic” to some) is “god”. They say we are therefore god. And we can use our expectations or energies to influence the world and change it.

But now that we know (measurably, scientifically) that God originates BEFORE and OUTSIDE of this universe, it is impossible to ever again believe that anyone or anything or any magick or expectation that originates IN this world could be God.

Let me say that again… nothing, no one, no concept, no thought or expectation that originates IN this universe is God, because scientists have proved that God existed before this world and He created this world.

Im not saying our expectations dont matter. Chaos magic and faith are more or less the same concept. The big difference is that a Christian has faith in the God that existed before this world did and Who created this universe. But an occult (witch, satanist, luciferian, spiritualist) uses chaos magic to harness “energies” that are entirely IN this universe.

This is the beginning of a wonderful journey.

First… study what the scientists discovered… that the world is unnatural and there is “Someone” who enables this universe to exist.

Now… choose a religion.

Energy or non-energy?

There are some religions that believe in an actual God. And see that there are many other religions that believe in directing energies… but these energies are a part of this universe.

These are the two groups you initially need to choose from. One that believes that there is a God “tweaking” this universe… the other believes in energies which they can tweak.

But now that scientists have established that God exists and He exists outside or this universe and He created this universe… we can make a choice to consider more closely the religions which say that He does exist.

Because He does. Science confirms it. Which is pretty exciting.

Now that science has proved that God exists, I cant follow any religion that says that we are God.

In that same way, the “energies” religions don’t line up with the scientific evidence that God exists, outside of the universe and before the universe. I’m not denying that there ARE energies, but I’m looking for a religion that believes that God exists… because He clearly does.

Choosing from a non-energy religion

For me… when choosing which non-energy religion to believe, I whittle them down in this way…

Islam and Buddhism… two major world religions… both sprang into existence relatively recently in 600-800 AD. The world is at least 6500 years old, so that counts against such young religions.

Islam is radically divergent away from Jewish teaching which has existed unchanged for at least 3000 years, probably longer. Why would God changes His mind about so many things? They counts against them.

Buddhism grew out of Hindu teaching. Hindu teaching is extremely inclusive and does teach about a God (Brahma) but it’s main focus is on appeasing the demonic realm in the spiritual world of this universe. Buddhism also deals with subduing and appeasing the demonic realm in this universe.

Buddhism teaches a world view which is (broadly) almost identical to Christianity, but it offers no solution to the problem of sin and hell and demons in this life time… it defers the problem to future life times. That powerlessness to solve problems counts against it.

My vote goes to the Judeo-Christian God because He is a monotheistic God, outside of this world, pre- existing before this world… and is known to have “tweaked” this world into existence… all of which science confirms.

PLUS… Jewish recorded history goes back 6500 years and exactly matches the historical human population movements out of southern Iraq. Archeological research confirms the events recorded in the Jewish scriptures.

When choosing to believe in either the Jewish God, or believing that Christianity IS the same God that Jews worship… I believe the second… which is that the God revealed in the New Testament IS the same God of the Old Testament. Why? Because the OT prophets foretold the fulfillment… and the NT provides the fulfillment. It’s an exact match… meaning… Jesus Christ exactly matches the many descriptions of the Christ/Messiah/Saviour that was promised in the OT.

The OT promised a Christ and in Jesus Christ we see that Christ. If you believe the God (that scientists have speculated exists) is the Jewish God then you would naturally believe the NT as well, because the OT points to Jesus Christ.

I think that is the most logical choice to place my faith.

My questions develop like this…