A friend asked a question which a few people might have silently been asking… why did I close my account on Facebook?

At the time I closed my account… Facebook doesnt let you delete your account, there is no way to remove your data from their servers… I had about 1,000 “friends”… which seemed like a nice way to provide support to people… but…
  1. It became apparent over time that many of my friends were in fact fake/cloned profiles
  2. Many friends told me they never see my updates, others found me unfriended, other found me unsubscribed
  3. I stood in the same room with real life friends as they tried to find me using my email but I didnt show up in their search
  4. All the NSA spying nonsense undermines my trust in US companies and Id rather be on non-US servers
Whats the point of sharing my heart and God’s words if my “friends” might be fake/cloned profiles and the real ones dont get notified about my posts?
I understand that it can be a bit frustrating for some that Im no longer on FB, but I am still active on this blog, twitter, tumblr, email, linkedin, whatsapp and many other services.