It goes to the one who wants it

So there I was, just now, lying in bed, thinking about that person I saw today, mulling, wondering… but the Holy Spirit kept poking me… write about this… write about this… “this” being something He showed me and I recently taught in our Revival Group meeting.

So… my sleep has been cancelled and I’m writing about it. It must be important for someone. 🙂

I grew up thinking that God was very religious. After all, He has hundreds of laws, He demands perfection etc. I felt like there was someone up there watching me, writing down my mistakes.

But what I didn’t know is that the “someone up there” is the law… its NOT God. Rom 5 says the law was brought in to MAKE sin increase. You see, unless sin increased we would not become entrapped by it… if we aren’t entrapped then we won’t need a Saviour.

That’s why “the law is a tutor to lead us to Christ”.

OK. So if the religious “something up there judging us” is Gods law… then… is God religious? Or not?

In actual fact, He is not. He is perfect, He requires perfection… but He is not religious.

Take a look with me at scripture… and no I’m not going to show this to you using Heb 11… although by the end of this you may have a new appreciation for the heroes of our faith in Heb 11.

Instead, lets look at the geneology of Jesus Christ in Matt 1.

Here is a list of things I noticed when reading through that list of names. For example…

1. Where are some of the biggest names… like Moses, Joseph, Elijah, Elisha or the prophets?

2. Adam “begat” Seth in Jesus geneology… but something almost no one preaches is that while Adam was made in the image of God, after the fall, scripture says Seth was in the image of Adam NOT in the image of God. That is why scripture says that when we behold Jesus Christ we are transformed into His image… and He is the exact image of God. If we are transformed back into Gods image, I guess that means we were not in His image before.

3. The whole human race came from Adam. But with Noah and the flood all flesh was wiped out… so the entire human race which is now alive came from Noah’s family.

4. King David took Bathsheba and had Uriah killed. Jesus came from the union of David and Bathsheba. The geneology mentions two women (Rahab and Ruth) but it doesn’t mention Bathsheba. Instead it mentions Uriah. Jesus did not come from Uriah. So why did God mention Uriah? Because marriage is important to God and Uriah lost his wife unjustly. So God remembered Uriah by mentioning him in the geneology.

OK. Those were just small observations to warm you up. Are you ready for the religious spirit breaking observations?  🙂

The blessing, the inheritance, is meant to go from the father to the first born. Right?

If God was religious and perfectionistic, He wouldnt be able to deviate from that. He would have upheld the very highest standards in His own geneology (Jesus Christ).

Well then explain this…

5. Isaac got the blessing but he was 2nd in line. It skipped Ishmael who was 1st!

6. Jacob was also 2nd in line, but he tricked his father Isaac into giving him the blessing, and he bought the birthright from his brother Esau. Jacob wanted it more.

7. Judah was FOURTH in line!! And not only that, but his mother Tamar pretended to be a pr0stitute in order to get pregnant from her father in law Jacob. And consider this… Reuben was the first born and Joseph was Jacobs favourite son… but Judah got the blessing?

8. Perez was the 2nd of twins, but the first in line (Zerah) pulled back his hand… so Perez got to be first and he got the blessing!

9. King David was 8th in line and God chose him above his 7 older brothers. Why? David had devoted himself to God and he had been learning to rely on God. Quietly, by himself, David had been walking with God.

Are you seeing what He showed me?

These words came to me and I have not forgotten them: “It goes to the one who wants it“.

Revival will be birthed in your region through the people who forsake their own lives, the ones who sell out to Him, the ones who LEARN from Him, the ones who let Him CHANGE YOU… basically… it goes to the one who desperately wants it.

My life is full of mistakes. But fortunately scripture shows that God is not religious. He gives it to the one who wants it.

Many are called by Him… but few are chosen. Who does the choosing? YOU do. I do. I choose to respond to His calling.

Perhaps you know my history, all the things I have done wrong, all the ways I have fallen short, all the sin I have been involved in or had done to me… its a history of garbage and yuck… but… why did God use me to heal a man of tuberculosis on tuesday? Why does He lead me and speak through such a fallen sinner who cannot get up by myself (Im referring to me)?

Because He called and I chose to respond. Because it goes to the one who wants it… and oh boy do I want it. I want all of it!

Consider this… before Abraham knew Gods name (I AM) he was called Abram, and he lived in Ur. Scripture says that Abram was an idolater. God revealed Himself to an idolater and built a faith that covers the whole world through that idolater named Abram, just as God promised Abram that He would!

God is not religious… His own geneology includes a motley crew of very human people! For example Rahab was a harlot and Manasseh was the worst King ever to sit on the throne.

God will use anyone, anything! He will speak through a donkey if He has to. If He has to breathe life into dead bones in order to make an army then He will. If the people won’t worship Jesus Christ and rejoice then He will make the stones cry out.




There. That’s it. Now can I go to sleep please?  🙂

2 responses to “It goes to the one who wants it

  1. Exactly what I needed to read……God has been showing me what you spelled out so perfectly with words. Thank you for sharing!

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