Why do I share things that other people try to hide?

This is a part of a series…

You might wonder…

1. Why am I so open about the filth, the pain, the addictions in my life? Why not ONLY be open about my success, healing and blessings?
2. Wouldnt it LOOK so much better if I did what most other people do… hide the yuck and advertise the good?
3. Arent you afraid of your future parents in law reading all this stuff? (The answer to #3 is yes!)

But… Im sharing this with you because…

1. Im so close to being free that when I am I wont look back and remember to share this step in the journey
2. you might be in the same situation and be wondering what you can do about it
3. When God uses me in a really big way, I dont want anyone to think that I had it easy, or I had some advantage, or He cant use you because He only uses perfect people.
4. The enemy uses whatever is hidden in the dark… but by me exposing myself, there is (less) room for gossip and no room for scandal… because its all here already!
5. People can more easily understand where I am coming from, by reading on this blog and understanding where I have been.
6. I dont intend to teach the same stuff 1000 times, over and over, its much easier to teach it once (here) and those who want to learn can come here to learn.

About point 1… When I look back to my posts in 2006 I cant remember feeling that way in such detail. I could never write those posts now. Im glad I was generous to write it then… look at the many thousands of people who have read it and the hundreds of comments.

About point 3… When God uses me in a really big way, I want people to know that He took me as a very fallen sinner. I was someone who could not get up, I could not find my way, I was immensely hurt… amd He led me to where I am now… and then onwards to where Im going to next. The point is… if He can use me, He can use you too.

Years ago I read about these famous people like Smith Wigglesworth and I only saw the good stuff written about in the books. I thought wow these guys are so perfect.

Until one day I read a book about Mother Teresa called “Come be My light” and I saw the real journey of faith… when I read her private letters.

THEN I knew He can and will use a fallen sinner like me. And you.

And I decided then and there to recommit myself to a pledge I made as a teen… to find out the answer to that glib question I had heard so many times “what can God do with one life that is fully yielded to Him?

And I also decided NOT to hide my back story (the past, the inside information). I decided I wouldnt be sharing ONLY the “praise points”. Instead I would tell the whole truth about my journey, so that others know what its really like to walk this journey with God.

Thats why the very first name for this blog was “The journey of a Christian” or something similar to that. Thats why the url is “achristian”.

I saw the same thing in King Davids Psalms… he would start off his psalm by bitching and moaning and even cursing his own life and hating his enemies… and always he would end his psalm by restating his faith in God.

He told the truth, he shared his feelings… but he constantly restated his FAITH, over and over until it came to pass. And we all benefit a lot by seeing the downside AND the upside of his journey.

David BECAME King David because he believed Gods words over his life.

Imagine this… David was on the run, trying to stay alive, hiding in dusty caves, yearning to drink water from a spring… but he spoke Gods words over his life and he agreed with Gods words until they came to pass, no matter how unlikely it seemed in those caves.

What CAN God do with one person’s life who is fully yielded to Him? Your life… fully yielded to Him… what would happen?

Are you willing to find out? Will you give up YOUR life, in order to gain it?

What did you think of this post or this blog?

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