More prophetic words that stand out for me at this time

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Doug Addison: One thing I saw is that many people have been under what we in the U.S. refer to as house arrest. This is where a person who has been accused or charged with a crime is held until they go to trial. They may have to wear an ankle bracelet or have other restrictions that limit their ability to leave their house, or wander too far from it. God showed me that some (not all) people have been limited by the accusations (judgment) of others and that God is releasing them from a “house (of God) arrest” in which we’ve had limited mobility based on the accusations of others. God is removing restrictions right now and there is a new freedom for those who have been waiting to be released by God to make changes and advance to new levels.

John Scott: There is a mega shift happening in the earth right now. Never before has God given so much power into the hands of so many ordinary believers to do extra ordinary miracles, signs and wonders.

Chuck D. Pierce “Expect the unexpected phone call! Expect the phone call that will come and say, ‘We need to meet again.’  Expect the unexpected! (Over) the inheritance that’s been in confusion in your family where brother has been against brother, and sister against brother, now expect the unexpected phone call for I am settling what needs to be settled so you can move forward.

Tim Sheets: An incredible force is being released on the earth by our great God. There’s never been a warrior force like it before in history. God says, “They are going to be called My ‘War Eagles.’ They will make up My eagle force, andthat eagle force will partner with My angel force and My remnant warrior champions. There is coming now a generation of young warriors that will partner with the remnant warriors who have been championing the call for years. And they will now be called My ‘War Eagles.’ … “Not one kingdom will be able to withstand them. My unique eagle force will startle the world with the intensity in which they stand for Me.The coming generation of ‘War Eagles’ have been groomed and reserved for Hell’s siege of the earth; and they will now be loosed. They will not bow to the enemies of their God. They will not pay tribute to enemy kings. They will not listen to the propaganda and insults of Hell, and they will not allow Me to be lumped in with other gods which are not gods.

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