Heaven is wide open and it is here

The last post was a big download, lots of scope, evidence and scriptural proof. If you want it in a nutshell… Heaven (the dwelling place of God) is here. (By, in and through faith.)

Jesus Christ taught us to preach that the Kingdom of Heaven is near, is amongst us, is within us. Its here.

If Heaven is here and its the dwelling place of God… then the dwelling place of God is amongst us. He is here. (By, in and through faith)

He doesnt dwell in a temple any more because Jesus Christ IS the new temple. Heaven is not amongst us in a temple.

God doesnt need to be separated from us by a veil or a structure because sin is set aside and abolished. No sinner will die when they come near to Him, because Jesus Christ took the sin of the world upon Himself.

He cant be chased away from His sanctuary here (by people deliberately committing abominations Ez 8:6) because all abominations were taken upon Jesus Christ.

I am amazed at the role He has given us… His bride. Our job is to cleanse ourselves by believing Him. As we believe Him, we are cleansed.

What a mystery!

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