A woman lifting up a clay cup to Heaven – vision

Last night I had a revelation. It was about our relationship with Jesus Christ. The revelation was about the woman at the well and her relationship with Jesus Christ.

Im not 100% sure what had been going on in her life until then. Based on her choice of words, her politeness, her passion to see the Messiah and to know how and where to worship, I think she was a religious person, a prophetess.

But… whatever… there she was, at the well.

First He said to her “give me a drink” and she gave Him what she had to offer in the natural. In return for her offering the little that she had… WATER… in return He revealed that He is the living waters.

Can you see that exchange? It was the same exchange that He made with the loaves and fishes… they gave to Him what they had in the natural… a few natural fish and loaves… and He responded with supernatural abundance… feeding thousands.

But there was one other thing He got her to do. He said that she should give Him what she had and then He told her to ASK Him for what He has. So she said “Sir, give me this living water so that I may never thirst again”.

After she asked for the living water, He identified Himself as the Messiah. In other words, He identified Himself AS the living water.

The vision I had was of a woman lifting up a clay cup containing her best efforts, her human efforts… lifting it up to Heaven… and offering her best human efforts to Him… and then asking Him to give her His best in return.

The clay cup may be a styrofoam cup or it may be cracked down the one side. It may contain your best efforts (which have achieved very little so far) or it may contain your mistakes, miguided efforts and the consequential hurts.

Offer what you have up… now… and ask Him for His best, His living water.

God bless you!