Jesus Christ is still healing today – vision

Just in case you havent noticed, I ponder a lot about the cross, about Jesus Christs choices, I try to figure out the wisdom and the mystery.

Last night I had a revelation. What a wonderful revelation.

Jesus Christ only had three years of ministry on Earth, right? I imagine He would have like to sty here for as long as it takes until He had a chance to literally toch and heal absolutely everyone on Earth.

But He couldnt sty, because He had to avoid being made King, He had to be condemned and killed in order to drastically change the spiritual status quo once and for all.

But last night I saw His sacrifice on the cross in a completely new way. On the cross He healed everyone. The very thing I thought He didnt have the time to do, He DID do.

Now, when we are His body right here on Earth, we release her what has been released in Heaven (Heb 16:19) I could see that He is healing through us.

Wait. Thats not what I saw. What I saw was on the cross He put in our bank accounts (ministries) all the money (healing, provision, miracles, glory, truth, etc) that we ever need throughout our ministry.

As we “spend” thst money in our ministries, we are loving people… and He is pleased, very pleased, because all that money which He deposited on the cross is not wasted.

He WANTS us to spend what He deposited on the cross. He deposited it FOR us to use it in healing others. He WANTS us to drink from His blood (given on the cross for everyone in the world). He WANTS us to eat from His flesh (given on the cross for everyone in the world).

I sensed His joy and relief that we make use of what He gave to us on His cross. In this way He didnt only heal people for three short years, but He is still healing now through us.

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