3 steps to revival… Im inspired!

Recently I keep bumping into more and more prophecies about revival. Readers that have been visiting this blog over the years know that I’ve been writing about revival everywhere for about 6-7 years already.

But. Many others have been writing about it for even longer than that. And even more people have been praying day and night for revival for longer too!

Today I ran into this post:  Special purpose for SA in God’s global revival plan — Graham Power. Something about that touched me and I wanted to know more about what God said to him. So I searched and found it… and it was and is inspiring!

The text (below) is contained in this book…


The text (see below) inspired me because I read about…

  • his relationship with God… the electricity and unusual experiences, which I often get and
  • his relationship with his wife and how they talk and share
  • the need for clean living

The issue of sharing God stuff with a wife… that is a big concern of mine. When God brings her to me… will she drag me off course? No doubt she will bring her own “stuff”, will I compromise and lose focus on what God is planning to do in the world?

But reading this… a glimpse inside their marriage… it’s inspiring!

After several hours of restless sleep he woke at about 4:00 am. He felt a surging sensation of electricity passing through his body. Immediately he recognized this as the same sensation he had experienced when God had imparted the second vision of a mother embracing her child.

Lauren woke as she felt Graham tremble in the bed beside her. She thought her husband was having a heart attack, and as she leaned over to look at him and put her hand on his chest, she heard his voice say in the darkness, “It is all right. I will talk to you later.”

The first instruction from God was to invite the whole world for a time of prayer. This time had been the season of equipping and laying down a solid prayer foundation around the world.

This was, however, to be a new time, a time for a new vision and yet another challenge. Lying back against the pillow, Graham prayed, asking God to show him the next step in the process for nation transformation.

For almost three and a half hours Graham by on the bed, and as he lay he felt the ongoing sensation of electricity pulsating through every fiber of his body. He knew that God had heard the cries of his heart, and so he waited. As he waited, his mind was filled with a great sense of excitement and expectation. Several hours later once the sensations left his body Graham sat up in bed and began to write the thoughts and impartation that he had received from God.

The first wave of transformation had been a wave of prayer. This wave that started as a small current in his home city of Cape Town had become a mighty wave that quickly swept across the globe. The church had heard this call. No sooner had they heard than they obeyed. Believers started to pray in multitudes from every nation and tribe as never before in the history of the church.

Now was the time for another move of transformation. The next step in this active demonstration of Christ’s power for transformation was a new wave of ethics, values, and clean living. This second wave, just like the prayer movement, was going to have its source in Africa and would soon move across the continent and then the entire globe. This would be the beginning of a new season and the prophetic fulfillment of “turning from our wicked ways.”

Then there was the third wave, which was not revealed in as much detail but would follow the first two waves. The third wave would no longer merely be a wave but rather a tsunami of revival, positive living, transformation, and an awesomely positive experience of living a life based on God’s principles.

It was in that moment of time that Graham clearly understood the significance of all three waves. Looking up from his Bible and notebook, Graham could see that Lauren had fallen back to sleep, so he decided not to wake her. He needed to cement the words in his mind and soul.

This was a challenge that was so large that, as with the first vision, only God would be able to turn the tide of corruption across the nation, Africa, and then the world. As the early morning light started to filter through the curtains and the room began to fill with sunshine, Graham woke Lauren and told her the details of this new revelation. Lauren paid close attention to every word that Graham was saying. She knew that God had already done an extraordinary miracle in the life of her husband, and she certainly was not going to throw any seeds of doubt on these words. As she listened, deep in her heart she knew that this was yet another clear instruction from the Lord. As they sat and spoke about the details of this new vision,

they both knew that their personal lives and the Power Group of Companies would have to be above reproach. They would have to live lives completely free of compromise. If Graham was going to raise the flag and promote a life If at spoke of ethics, values, and clean living, he would have to present a personal example of every one of these qualities.

As they talked and prayed about this new instruction, they knew that this would become the season of complete ethical living.

Another aspect of what I read that touched me, is the need for me to continue to keep working on “clean living” and “live lives completely free of compromise”.

Im not there yet, but Im getting there. That really stands out to me.

So how is it going?

Step 1 was the Global Day of Prayer.


Step 2… how is step two going?

… the Unashamedly Ethical (UE) movement that he founded in 2009. Currently 4 500 South African companies and more than 20 000 South Africans have signed the UE pledge and the movement has been adopted in other parts of Africa, North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. – Source: Gateway News

And step 3? Im very very interested in this step.  🙂  Graham describes is as a movement of un-compromise in which we base our lives on scripture and we live lives of joy… “a tsunami of revival, positive living, transformation, and an awesomely positive experience of living a life based on God’s principles.”  That sounds a lot like this blog and it sounds exactly like what Ive been exploring for several years. Exciting!