Women, governments and technology

Take a look at this image

Woman Making Love to Robot

You may laugh at this image and you may be baffled by what Im about to write here… but I sincerely think that this is a very important problem in society… some women rely on technology and they rely on governments to meet their needs… and in the process they are replacing the role of men in their lives. The end result is severe degradation of society by damaging male-female relationships and marriage.

Women are more empowered and that is NOT a bad thing. Im NOT advocating a return to barbarian thinking.

Im highlighting the real problem… the male and female roles are out of balance, marriage is being damaged, children are brought up to be confused about their future roles and society is harmed.

A friend on FB puts it this way

The problem is not female empowerment, it is male marginalization and disposability and female dependency on a social and political system that plays into their desire to be taken care of.

which is what I thought I said  🙂

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