If my previous post (Unprecedented change never before seen in human history) was far too long and far too detailed about the changes from and to… and you just want the punchline… here it is.

But there is even more vast change ahead of us in the decades ahead. We stand on the edge of unprecedented change never before seen in human history. This change is going to bring peace, healing, wholeness in ways that none of us can even dare to dream or imagine possible. Our children’s children will be astonished at the mire and muck that we live in now.

They will be stunned…

  • They will be stunned that there was a time when people sat down to watch violence on tv as a form of entertainment.
  • They will wonder why we watched pr0n and enjoyed it even though we know the women in it were probably human trafficked and all the people in it had STDs.
  • They will be stunned to hear about how rich some people were while so many people died of starvation.
  • They will be stunned to hear how every single person was sick for many or even most or even all of their lives.

For our children’s children these will be stories that they listen to and wonder why we liked to live like this. We will have to explain to them that we didn’t know any different.

They will wonder about us in the same way that I look back in history and wonder why anyone ever thought that

  • child labor was ok, or
  • why people will mental problems need to be chained up in a backyard, or
  • why black people couldn’t vote or
  • why women couldn’t buy a car without her husbands permission and signature

Looking back I think those things are barbaric. When our children’s children look back they won’t be able to relate to our current experience of life and what we regard as “normal” life.

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