2014 – judgement and repentance – SHORT VERSION

Recently I have been hearing via scripture in the psalms “rejoice because God is coming to judge the world“.

I know about the judgement coming. But why rejoice?

Is it because we will finally discover that our hope in the world was misplaced? Maybe.

Will we realise that Christ is where we need to focus and not on countries, power, money? Perhaps.

But my fear is that no matter what pain we go through, we might not repent and change. We might cling onto our sorceries and selishness and murders and our love of lying and half truths and hiddenness which we think of as “sophistication”.

Lord Jesus Christ, as I fast for Your bride, please awaken Your bride, soften her heart, give her revelation of the choices and consequences ahead.

Start with me Lord, change me. Write your laws on my heart and mind. Renew me from the inside. Put a soft heart of flesh in me. Take the enemy’s hooks out of my jaw. Cause righteousness to fall down and make a path for my feet to follow.

I pray this in Jesus Christ’s Name.

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