On fb a few ppl are asking about my fast. This is my third week, this fast started 2 days before the end of 2013.

I fast morning and lunch meals only. Im also fasting only from monday to friday.

Im not fasting for anything personal for me, Im fasting for the bride of Christ. Im fasting for God’s desire to be with His bride.

Im not religious about how to fast. Im very flexible with the time I end each day. Today I stopped at 1:30pm because I knew I was finished praying. I spend the fasting hours in prayer, or solitude or some kind of meditation of some sort. So this morning I sat in my room all morning until 1:30pm.

There is no RIGHT way to fast… its simply an expression of your faith, your desire. But it’s faith being expressed through your appetite and will and choice… instead of through your hands raised or voice.

Someone asked Jesus Christ why His disciples dont fast and He said there is no need to fast while He (God) is with them. He said that when He leaves they can fast again. So clearly fasting is an expression of desire to be with God.

Fasting is mimicking a loss of appetite… its like when you lose a loved one you feel no appetite because of your grief. That for me is the best understanding of what fasting means to God… you are pretending you have grief and you have lost your appetite because you miss Him.

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