Israel Overland through Africa – 2014

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How did it start?

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In my journal on 23rd Oct 2009 I wrote…

For some time in the afternoon I was lying on my bed reading the bible. Then I heard “Go to Jerusalem and unite the tribes. You have your commission.”

And then in 5 Dec 2009 I wrote in my journal (PDF)

“That would explain why I don’t see any one place, why I don’t see Him providing a home and long term possessions and things that I have to pay off. I don’t think I would be leaving – if I did – before the revival here has started. And again it makes sense that the revival is not focussed on me, because I’ll be pushing off! And it makes sense that this corresponds to my vision of moving up north taking His Presence and revival with me up through Africa and then into Jerusalem.”

I confess that I don’t understand the “commission”. In fact, at that time I had to do a study on that word. Then I tried to work out who “the tribes” are. You can read more about this in my journal (PDF).

cape to israel prayer journey 2014

But about 9 years ago and then 8 years ago again I made a very interesting relationship in Israel and I trust that God will reunite me with that man. With your help, dear reader, I can fulfil my commission.

In 2009 I felt led to go to Egypt. Within one day a person was led to give me the total amount of money for the trip, but leadership intervened and prevented me from going. Unfortunately. Because Egypt descended into chaos.

Now I have a chance to be in prayer in Egypt during their elections this year. With your help, dear reader, no further chaos will occur.

Now in more recent months God has been connecting me with so many people with a heart for Africa and Israel and I have been asking them to pray for me and for this trip.

The things I need are…

  • A suitable vehicle to make the pan-African trip – He already provided a Volkswagen Minibus 2.3i — FOR FREE!
  • Petrol  for the trip – estimated at R14,000 (the VW gets 8 kms per 1 liter)
  • Modifications to the VW – one full length roof rack, small inside repairs to the VW – for example the handles are missing, 1 extra tyre, 1 puncture repair, 3 services (R1,500 each), 1 spare battery to recharge cell phones (mobiles), 1 tent attachment on the side of the VW, 1 large tent for sleeping in, drivers side window doesnt stay up, aircon regas, radio aerial needs replacing, central locking needs repair, immobilizer needs repair.
  • Food related items – 20L plastic water container, gas cooker, gas bottle, build a small wooden platform to hold these things in place while driving. And of course… food for the 3 month trip!

The total amount needed is probably around R40,000 (or just less than US$4,000).

my trip

I can’t do any of this without faith, prayer, blessing, favour and His Presence going with me.

Please would you pray for me right now?  🙂

I’m also looking for ways to bless South Africa, because I’ve enjoyed my 5 years here SO MUCH.

If you have needs or a church or anything I can come and bless please let me know.



Then on 12 June 2014 this prophetic word came in…

I’m so excited for you!! Hey I just got a vision for you. But I just saw God taking a a deep breath and then blowing out all across the African continent, but when he blew across Africa you had a wind sail on your VW and sailed his breath across the whole continent. But I think your trip is going to be perfectly timed with a wave of his spirit moving across countries. 

When God revives us… which is what revival is… how does He impart life? He breathes on us. So it makes perfect sense that this person saw God taking a deep breath and blowing out all across the African continent.

That vision matches what God told me about this trip way back in 2009. He said that as I leave Cape Town a revival would break out and I will take His Presence up through Africa.

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