Did God created mankind in his own image?

Most people think we are made in the image of God.

Look around you. Clearly that is not true. God doesn’t sin like we do. He is perfect but not one of us is perfect. Our best efforts are dirty rags… but God has no such problem.

We are not in His image. So… if we are not the exact likeness of God… then whose image are we in?

Look at this geneology. Take particular note of Adam, Seth and Noah.

Genealogy of JesusNow flip it.

Where do you and I come from?

The whole world came from Noah, because everyone else on the earth died in the flood. Only Noah and his family survived. All humans alive now came from Noah’s family.


Where did Noah came from?

From Seth — the son of Adam.

Now here is the scripture many are not taught…

Seth was born into Adam’s image.

When Adam had lived 130 years,
he had a son in his own likeness,
in his own image
and he named him Seth. – Gen 5:3

This is why when we come to Jesus Christ we are transformed BACK into Jesus Christ’s image and He is the “exact likeness” of God according to Col 1:15  This is how we are returned back to the image of God.

It’s exciting!

But I find this incredibly exciting. And it relates to my previous post (Death and life are in the power of the tongue) because God is so much more than what we are… and it’s our inheritance to be returned to being in His image.

We must be transformed into God’s image, we must be renewed in our mind and choose not to live in Seth’s image.

Here are just a few of the things we lost when we became in Adam’s image…

  • we had to sweat to work the ground
  • pain in childbirth
  • always having to cope with death in our lives
  • not living forever anymore
  • separation from God

But as we are baptized “INTO” Jesus Christ our old man dies and Christ lives in us… we are transformed spiritually and gradually because of our faith we become transformed manifestly and physically.

Because of our faith in Jesus Christ we should expect to see the opposite in our lives…

  • we had to sweat to work the ground working is a joy and beneficial and productive
  • pain in childbirth childbirth is a natural, non technical, safe and joyful experience
  • always having to cope with death in our lives living in complete health, peace, relationship with other people,
  • not living forever anymore God through Isaiah says that if someone dies at the age of 100 they will be considered to have died in their youth
  • separation from God  reconciliation to God, seeing His face as Adam and Eve saw Him, He walks amongst us (see Rev 21)

I find this very exciting.

What did you think of this post or this blog?

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